10 unique gift ideas to spoil Dad for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is coming up and like every year, I like to bring you some great gift ideas to spoil the papas in your life!

This year, just like I did for mamas a few weeks back, I’m focusing on unique gift ideas. Curious to learn more? Sit back, relax and discover my cool gift ideas!

Unique gift idea #1: for the coffee-lovin’ Dad

Does the dad in your life adore coffee? If he’s anything like my husband, a Nomad Coffee Maker might just be what his dreams are made of!

There are quite a few options on the market including some with capsules, but the one who stood out to me is one that works with ground coffee rather than capsules—and a mesh filter (rather than paper), since it’s definitely the most eco-friendly option.


father's day gift ideas

Unique gift idea #2: for the Dad who loves to sing

Does the dad in your like love to sing in the shower? A waterproof Bluetooth speaker might just be the perfect gift to accompany him as he belts out a selection of his favourite tunes!

I like this option by BOSE, which comes in a variety of colours!

Unique gift idea #3: for the Dad who does things on foot

Since we moved back to the city, my husband got in the habit of doing some of our groceries on foot, in local shops. And we’ve had quite a few misadventures with spilled cartons or squished bananas! So, I started looking for a cool backpack that would be well suited to do grocery shopping.

And I found a supercool backpack made of ocean impact plastic and recycled materials. What is ocean impact plastic you may wonder? It’s plastic that is collected from oceans, recycled and, in this case, processed to make backpacks. The backpacks are waterproof, hold up to 31 litres of volume and are made to last! Plus, they’re available in a variety of unusual shades.

Unique gift idea #4: for the eco-friendly Dad

A gift idea list would not be complete without an awesome handkerchief set! So this year, I thought I’d create a special trio for the dad in your life. This assortment features 3 large personalized handkerchiefs, including a white organic cotton sateen handkerchief, a pale blue hanky and a lovely grey kerchief. And the embroidery? It can feature a monogram (1 to 3 characters), a name (4 to 8 characters) or a few words (9 and more characters). You choose the thread colour and the embroidery font. 

father's day gift ideas

Unique gift idea #5: for the foodie Dad

I discovered these by accident, but I think they are so beautiful! They are made by an Edmonton-based artisan and I’m pretty sure foodie Dad would love to prep some amazing pizzas with this superb pizza paddle.

And you can get yours engraved with a sweet nickname or design!

Unique gift idea #6: for the Dad who loves to be comfy

My dad always wore moccasins indoors… And recently, my husband started wearing them too! And after slipping my feet into them quickly, I have to say that when lined with shearling fur, they are pretty awesome! 

L.L. Bean makes a lovely pair. Now you may or may not like the fact that they are made with sheepskin, but what made me choose these, is that I know they are of high quality and are made to last. And that, to me, is a very important element to consider when shopping for something!

father's day gift ideas

Unique gift idea #7: for the Dad who loves games

During the pandemic, I fell in love with puzzles all over again! And I have to say, they are a way of bringing family together around a common project—which I found to be nice with our growing boys!

Of course, there are a zillion different puzzles to choose from—like dreamlike destinations or specific passions (like cats, books, cars and much more!), but this one I found pretty cool. And you can choose if you want it in 500 or 1000 pieces, so depending on with whom you plan to complete the puzzle, you can do easier or more difficult!

Unique gift idea #8: for the Dad who loves adventures

Does the dad in your life enjoy unplugging and setting off in the wild for crazy adventures? A personalized compass might just be the one thing he needs!

I found this engraved compass on Etsy and I think it makes a lovely father’s day gift!

Unique gift idea #9: for the Dad who loves to get cozy

In our family, we’re always fighting for the softest, most plush blankets. And when I discovered Saranoni luxury blankets, I knew I’d have to get one for each family member to avoid any conflict!!!

I’m pretty sure Dad will love to snuggle under this lush XL blanket with a cool beverage, to watch his favourite sports game.

father's day gift ideas

Unique gift idea #10: for the Dad who likes to build stuff

My husband loves to renovate, but he’s always looking for his tape measurer. Although this one can’t be surgically attached to him, I thought it was pretty cool to have one customized with his name on it!

So, what’s your fave gift idea in this list? Let me know in the comments!

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