TSHU helps you reduce waste

without feeling like you’re making any compromises.

We create the best quality handkerchiefs and reusable alternatives so improving your lifestyle feels like a privilege.

set of organic cotton handkerchiefs

Discover the best reusable alternatives to paper

Nothing compares in terms of quality and attention to detail. Cotton handkerchiefs, reusable cloth napkins, makeup remover pads and much, much more —the TSHU online shop has everything you need to enjoy an eco-friendly lifestyle without feeling like you’re making any compromises.


Pleasure is a key to successfully embracing an eco-friendly lifestyle .

I handcraft gorgeous quality handkerchiefs in Montreal (Canada) so you can enjoy reducing waste.

Each handkerchief is handmade with great care and quality materials, to bring a smile to your face every time you pull it out.

TSHU handkerchiefs are made to last.

Handmade with quality materials and great care, all our handkerchiefs are sown with love in our little workshop based in Montréal.

And, for every item you take home with you, we promise to plant a tree.

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Devoted to making the best handkerchiefs in the world since 2013.

  • black embroidered handkerchiefs
    NOF – Seriously Black Handkerchief
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  • softest flannel handkerchief - mens flannel handkerchief - organic flannel ladies handkerchief
    KURT | Natural Flannel Handkerchief – Personalized Embroidery Optional
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  • white and navy spotted handkerchief
    GILBERT – Navy Blue Handkerchief with White Polka Dots (two-ply)
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  • thick white cotton handkerchiefs - mens white handkerchiefs - ladies white cotton handkerchiefs
    JAMES | White Handkerchief (two-ply) – Personalized Embroidery Optional
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