We place beauty at the heart of waste reduction.

Our family handcrafts gorgeous quality handkerchiefs in the South of France.

Each handkerchief is handmade with great care and quality materials, to bring a smile to your face every time you pull it out.

Discover our zero-waste alternatives to paper…

Cotton handkerchiefs, organic handkerchiefs, women’s handkerchiefs, children’s reusable washcloths, cloth napkins, reusable paper towels and other zero-waste essentials—our online shop has everything you need to enjoy an eco-friendly lifestyle.

TSHU. Devoted to bringing the hanky back in style since 2013.

  • black handkerchief
    NOF – Seriously Black Handkerchief
  • navy handkerchief with white polka dots
    GILBERT – Navy Blue Handkerchief with White Polka Dots (two-ply)
  • white handkerchiefs
    JAMES – White Handkerchief (two-ply)
  • navy thick handkerchief
    LOUISE – Navy Blue Handkerchief (two-ply)

TSHU handkerchiefs are made to last.

Handmade with quality materials and great care, all our handkerchiefs are sown with love in our little workshop based in Provence.

And, for every item you take home with you, we promise to plant a tree.

We plant a tree every time you take a handkerchief home with you.
Thomas & Marion

About TSHU

TSHU brings the handkerchief back in style with its quality cotton hankies that are practical and gorgeous all at once. Plus, we plant a tree for each adopted hanky.

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Our quality handkerchiefs are crafted with the softest fabrics and the utmost care in Provence (France). Take a look at our colourful selection of handkerchiefs and adopt one today.

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Are you interested in adopting a handkerchief, but you’re wondering how to choose the best one for your needs? We provide helpful tips so you can make an informed decision!

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What does your dream handkerchief look like?

Is it soft like clouds? Colourful like a rainbow? Does it make you smile?

Is it comforting, absorbent, delicate, elegant, funky, cool and crisp? Let us know, we love to make dreams come true.

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