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reusable paper towels

In 2022, we launched a line of highly absorbent reusable paper towels. Made with soft cotton flannel and lined with microfleece, these thick sheets of unpaper towels are still the most absorbent reusable alternative to Scott towels that I have seen on the market.

The downside? If I have to be brutally honest, it’s their high cost. Working with high quality materials is a choice I make every day and I can’t bring myself to cut corners when it comes to the quality of our products in order to offer you better prices.

I have found a way to offer you a cheaper alternative to our thick reusable paper towels, though: making a sleeker version of these with a single ply of cotton flannel. While these are less absorbent than our first model, they also much more affordable. And to mop up every day messes in the kitchen, they work quite well! So, I’m quite excited to show you the various lovely styles I’ve designed to bring this new eco-swap to your home.

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Meet our single-ply reusable paper towels

colourful reusable paper towels

Our bright and cheerful checkers

Made with a single ply of organic cotton flannel, these colourful sheets of reusable paper towels are finished with a bright yellow rolled hem. They’re available as a single sheet or set of 3, 6, 9 or 12 unpaper towels.

The Timeless Black— A Must-have

Also made with organic cotton flannel, these elegant reusable paper towels feature a black rolled hem adorned with delicate white stitching. But don’t let their elegance fool you, these timeless unpaper towels are made to serve. And thanks to their dark colour, they will remain looking sharp despite many uses. Check them out on the shop—in a single sheet or as a set that you can roll up nicely!

reusable paper towels
green and black plaid reusable paper towels

Our Olive Green Plaid

Giving your kitchen a polished country look, our olive-green plaid unpaper towels are soft and fun to use! You can use them rolled up on a stand or folded neatly and strategically placed so you can easily grab them when you need them the most. They are finished with black rolled hem and delicate green stitching.

The Terrific Taupe

Versatile, these taupe-coloured reusable paper towels match with pretty much any kitchen decor. They feature a cream coloured rolled hem with a touch of red that matches the TSHU tag. You can purchase them in a set or a single sheet if you’re just looking to test run our reusable paper towels.

taupe reusable paper towels
yellow reusable paper towels

Our Ever-So-Popular Mustard Yellow

Bright and cheerful, our mustard yellow flannel towels are finished with a tone on tone rolled hem. Roll them up on a stand for easy access or purchase a few single sheets to fold in four and store on your kitchen counter.


Tempted by our thicker, more absorbent sets? These are all made with flannel and lined with oeko-tex certified microfleece, which makes them THE MOST absorbent ecoswap you’ll ever find. They’re right this way.

Discover our highly absorbent reusable paper towels

blue reusable paper towels

Our Irresistible navy

SONIA— our thick reusable paper towels are made with navy cotton flannel and lined with white fleece. Their rolled hem matches the flannel and just like their thinner cousins, the sheets stick to one another without snaps.

The Gorgeous Grey

Oh-so-chic, our reusable grey paper towels are made with high quality organic cotton flannel in a lovely shade of grey. Framed by a tone on tone rolled hem, the unpaper towel sheets are all lined with microfleece. You can store them folded or rolled up!

grey reusable paper towels
reusable paper towels

Our Marvellous Mint Green

This lovely shade of mint green is in fact one of the first colours we launched in this line! Lined with microfleece, these super-absorbent reusable paper towel sheets feature a cream coloured rolled hem with delicate red stitching.

The Rugged Army Green

With their lovely warm hue, our rugged army green reusable paper towels sheets are framed with a matching rolled hem. Lined with microfleece, they are thick and highly absorbent. Store them in a roll or fold them neatly on the counter to keep them close.

green reusable paper towels
reusable paper towels

Our Pure and Natural

Sometimes, less is more! And that’s why these natural reusable paper towels are so popular. Made with natural organic cotton flannel and lined with matching microfleece, they are framed with an ivory hem and a hint of red in the stitching, that perfectly matched the TSHU red tag.

The Bright Yellow

For a touch of bright, sunny yellow in your kitchen, check out our beautiful mustard yellow reusable paper towels, lined with microfleece! Framed with a yellow hem, they are as cheerful as they are useful. Mop up just about anything life throws at you with a single sheet of these highly absorbent reusable alternatives!

reusable paper towels

How to Care for our Reusable Paper Towels

Whether you opt for single-ply or double-ply reusable paper towels, the cleaning process is the same. If your reusable paper towels are full of chunks of tomato sauce or cacao powder, you might want to rinse them out under the tap briefly. But if they’ve just served to mop up water, to clean your counter or to pick up crumbs, you can simply toss them in the washing machine with the rest of your laundry.

For optimal efficiency and durability, I recommend using cold to lukewarm water (30 to 40 degrees Celsius). Then, the most eco-friendly way to dry them is in open air, hanging or lying flat. In my opinion, this is also the best way to dry them because it will keep the fabric from deteriorating quickly. As As mentioned on Reviewed.usatoday.com, even with high-quality materials, using a tumble dryer weakens the tensile strength by approximately 50% after only 20 cycles of wash!

How to Roll our Kitchen Towels

A video is worth a million words… Or more! Here are a couple of our cutest reusable paper towels in action!

Simply put, they stick to one another, so all you need to do is roll them up around a paper towel holder. To make the task easier, I recommend starting off your roll with an empty cardboard roll leftover from your disposable paper towels (or a friend’s, if you’ve already made the switch!)

Now, sit back, relax, and watch as I roll, roll, roll!

Choosing single or double ply on the website

Wanna check out these wonderful ecoswaps on the website?

And if you want to filter out our single-ply or double-ply options, I’ve made it super simple for you: in the left-hand column (or at the bottom on your mobile device), select single ply or two-ply in the PLIES OF FABRIC filter and ta-daaaaa! Only the type of reusable paper towels you want to see will appear.

our reusable paper towels

And as always, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions at all! I’m here to help 🙂

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