A TSHU Friday

This year, we’re taking advantage of Black Friday to do a huge cleanup on the website and make room for super cool new items!

It’s the PERFECT opportunity to do your Christmas shopping without spending a fortune.

Yep, we’re offering you not 5, not 10, but 15% off EVERYTHING (even custom embroidery!)!!!

So, until November 28th included, you can:

  • Stock up on zero waste essentials
  • Make your aunt Barbara happy
  • Spoil your cousin Daniel
  • Give a cool and useful gift to new parents
  • Pamper your grandparents
  • Or of course… All of the above!

Just head to the TSHU online store and use promo code #TSHUFRIDAY(YAY!)

As a reminder, on the TSHU Shop, we offer you a lot of lovely and useful stuff, like:

Have fun shopping!

Xoxo Thomarion

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