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Who’s behind TSHU?

marion poirier

Most days, you can find me sitting cross-legged on my couch in comfy clothes, typing away at my computer—or hunched behind a sewing machine listening to a podcast. 

Outside my home, I’m known for my wide smile and sparkling eyes, bubbling energy and assertiveness. The girl boss mama of 4 who gets up at 5 AM every day and gets in 2 hours of work (plus a gorgeous sunrise show every morning) before the kids get up. 

But if you know me really well, you know I am a total introvert who needs a lot of alone time to recharge and usually starts yawning around 8 p.m., so I’m not a great dinner guest :).

A few years ago I became aware of waste reduction by accident when my hubby’s uncle gifted us cloth handkerchiefs. Curious (and admittedly a little skeptical), I started using them—and over a dry martini (the official Poirier-Geissmann family drink) one evening, Thomas and I started dreaming of a hanky that would be SO AMAZING that you would enjoy it way more than a kleenex.

And the rest is history.

marion poirier
marion poirier

Today, I strive to inspire those around me to take action one small step at a time without guilt—by sharing chunks of my life and creating zero waste essentials that are so awesome to use that it doesn’t feel like a compromise.

I firmly believe in finding your own balance and I aspire to help families find their groove and lead a more balanced, ecofriendly lifestyle

I still struggle with allowing myself downtime, but when I do…

I ❤️ CrossFit, reading, playing the piano, chatting with my husband or spending time with my four boys.

marion and thomas
marion poirier

Feel like joining my community and moving towards a more balanced, eco-friendly life?

Consider me your guide and confidant. Hop on to my email list and connect with me on Facebook and Instagram and let’s get this started!

5 things you might not know about me

  1. I have super curly hair
  2. I am mostly vegan (except for bacon)
  3. I also answer to “Cocotte”, “Marionette” and “Mamaaaaaaaan”
  4. I love to solve-fix-improve things
  5. I can do a pretty neat handstand
marion poirier
marion poirier

What about the trees?

Super simple: you adopt a reusable alternative (and help save trees in the process), we plant a tree (double the impact, yay!)

I truly don’t have a green thumb, so we’ve partnered up with the WeForest Foundation out in Belgium and they manage the tree planting for us. Each year, we send them a donation representing the number of items you take home with you and they plant the right number of trees! 

As of today, we’ve planted almost 5000 trees. Pretty cool, huh?

Warning: serious flaunting ahead

We got quite a bit of LOVE since we first launched!

Aside from the various cool articles in the press written about TSHU, here’s the gist.

Fondation de l'entrepreneurship

Mission France 2016

Selected to participate in sponsored Mission to France with 12 other entrepreneurs (2016)

Prix estim gala finaliste

Prix estim

Finalist, démarrage d’entreprise, Gala des prix Estim, Chambre de commerce de l’est de Montréal (2015)



Winner of the Entreprendre comme un “As” de la vente Contest (2015)

Claudine & Stephen Bronfman Foundation

Winner of the Claudine & Stephen Family Foundation’s Emerging Entrepreneurs Contest for C2MTL (2014) … More Info

Quebec Entrepreneurship Contest

First prize – Commerce, Quebec Entrepreneurship Contest, Eastern District of Montreal (2014) … More Info


Winner of the Cooperative Prize for the Mon entreprise Contest, ESG UQAM (2014) … More Info

CDEC Rosemont Petite-Patrie

Winner of the CDEC Rosemont Petite-Patrie’s Entrepreneurs en action! Contest (2014) … More Info

HEC Montréal

Award of excellence and grant, Salon des entrepreneurs, HEC Montréal (2013) … More Info

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