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Gorgeous, quality cotton handkerchiefs

So what’s a TSHU handkerchief? Simple—it’s a handkerchief that boasts a mind-blowing design—one that ensures you’ll fall head-over-heels in love with it and never look back. Plain or featuring a bold pattern, sober or super-colourful, single or double ply—there’s a TSHU handkerchief out there made to suit your taste and needs. Plus, they’re all made from uber-soft cotton—organic mostly. Sayonara paper tissues!

Cute, but also ethical

Yup, yup, indeed! Cause all our handkerchiefs are made with mucho love by our skilled seamstresses, in Montreal (Quebec) or in Jouques (Provence). Of course, ethical labour has a cost, but here at TSHU we spare none! We want our hankies to be made happily, in fair conditions. That’s why we like to boast that your TSHU was created with a smile! Can you feel it?

Lovely—and eco-friendly!

So, the obvious reason behind this claim is that by adopting a cotton handkerchief, you’ll use waaaay fewer paper tissues. Hence, eco-friendly. But we don’t stop there! To reinforce your actions, we commit to planting one tree per adopted hanky. Oui oui : 1 TSHU = 1 TREE!


Can’t resist? Ready to commit but got like a million questions? No prob, we’ve got your back (nose). In fact, we’ve taken the time to prepare personalized tutorials on each hanky description, plus write up a few guides and share a few stories in our blog. And, if that doesn’t soothe your angst, drop us an email, we’re here to please!

Our Commitment

n to more serious stuff now. Cause every year, over 3 billion kilos of paper tissues are used—and disposed of. That’s the equivalent of 70 million trees. 70 MILLION TREES!

Here at TSHU, we promote waste reduction by making the most fabulous handkerchiefs you can dream of, so you’ll never want to go back to paper. EVER! And to ensure their awesomeness, we select quality, durable and organic certified fabric that will provide absorbency and comfort to your nose— tout ça with style.

That’s not all though! If you commit to tissues, we commit too! Indeed, we like to reinforce the ecological impact from your actions. So, we partner up with the We Forest Foundation to plant one tree for each TSHU handkerchief you adopt.

Wanna learn more about our tree planting program? All our trees are planted in Ethiopia. Why? To empower communities in fighting deforestation on their land.

one tree planted for each handkerchief sold

Our Story


So the story goes back to the summer of 2013! We (Marion and Thomas) had decided to head to Europe (at the time, we were living in Montreal!) to introduce our newborn son Olivier to family. We travelled from Paris to Madrid, stopping near Toulouse to visit Tonton Robert, Thomas’s 90 y.o., Uncle. Touched that we came to visit him, Robert wanted to gift us something to bring home. After going through a few things (shoes, belts, the likes), we ended up heading home with an unusual legacy: Robert’s old embroidered cotton hankies!

Back in Montreal, Thomas immediately fell back to his childhood habits and rediscovered the pleasure of cotton handkerchiefs: yes, to relieve his nose, but also to wipe our little one’s cheeks, the water on a bench park (galant man he is), the milk froth in the moustache (yes, he tends to have a moustache). And … timidly, Marion followed his lead! First, discreetly blowing her nose (feeling a little shameful!) and then with more assurance, until she felt confident enough to flaunt her new eco-friendly habits.

And that’s when the two lovebirds started dreaming… Of handkerchiefs, of consumption, of the environment, of the desire to create new with the old. Finally, our vision took form.

What would happen if the handkerchief had a WOW effect? If it could be so eye-catching that no one could avoid it and it would be a guaranteed conversation sparker? What if the handkerchief was modern, distinctive, even funky? And even more exciting, what if a tree could be planted for each handkerchief sold?

The dream quickly became reality and we began our journey to what TSHU is today, cherished by many different sized noses around the globe.

Meet our team

Marion Poirier

Marion Poirier


Marion’s sort of like a hyperactive octopus (which comes in handy as she is a mom of 4). She tackles everything with contagious enthusiasm and rarely takes no for an answer. After dipping her toes in a zillion projects and different domains, touching management, marketing and blergh—even finances—she set her heart on freelancing as a content marketing consultant and spreading the love for TSHU around the world. Needless to say, she LOVES her job. 

Thomas Geissmann

Thomas Geissmann


Father, step-father, lover, retired lawyer and entrepreneur—Thomas is a man of many facets. A proponent of good sportsmanship, Thomas loves winning just as much as he hates losing. Thomas has built powerful teams, generated financing rounds of over $10 million and secured important partnerships across the planet. He is the serious one of the duo, yet bubbling with creativity and new ideas (like TSHU!) every minute.

Our awards

Fondation de l'entrepreneurship

Mission France 2016

Selected to participate in sponsored Mission to France with 12 other entrepreneurs (2016)

Prix estim gala finaliste

Prix estim

Finalist, démarrage d’entreprise, Gala des prix Estim, Chambre de commerce de l’est de Montréal (2015)



Winner of the Entreprendre comme un “As” de la vente Contest (2015)

Claudine & Stephen Bronfman Foundation

Winner of the Claudine & Stephen Family Foundation’s Emerging Entrepreneurs Contest for C2MTL (2014) … More Info

Quebec Entrepreneurship Contest

First prize – Commerce, Quebec Entrepreneurship Contest, Eastern District of Montreal (2014) … More Info


Winner of the Cooperative Prize for the Mon entreprise Contest, ESG UQAM (2014) … More Info

CDEC Rosemont Petite-Patrie

Winner of the CDEC Rosemont Petite-Patrie’s Entrepreneurs en action! Contest (2014) … More Info

HEC Montréal

Award of excellence and grant, Salon des entrepreneurs, HEC Montréal (2013) … More Info

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