All kinds of orphans at very low prices!

They’re back:
Orphans of all kinds for a small price!

What’s an orphan?

TSHU orphans are all our lovely but imperfect handkerchiefs, bamboo washcloths, reusable paper towels, cloth napkins and hanky holders that we don’t want to put up for sale. Because they are a bit quirky… Or because they have a printing defect. Or because they were created in the hope of becoming an iconic TSHU, but in vain 🙂

Since we’re in the business of reducing waste, we thought it was crazy to throw away anything that wasn’t perfect enough to be shipped to you when you order the hanky of your dreams.

That’s why we sell our orphans at a very low price! It’s the perfect opportunity to stock up on hankies or other zero waste essentials at a fraction of the price.

Are you tempted?

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