You’ve planted nearly 5000 trees!

As you probably know, when TSHU was launched a few years ago, we committed to planting a tree for every handkerchief and zero waste item you adopt. This year, we’re proud to say that together, we’ve planted nearly 5000 trees!

Why plant a tree?

The idea of planting a tree came from a conversation between Thomas and I (you guessed it…) during happy hour! While thinking about the impact of using cotton handkerchiefs, which helps us reduce our consumption of paper tissues (and therefore reduce deforestation linked to the paper tissue industry), we thought that it would be really nice to complete the loop by planting a new tree every time you do something for our beautiful planet!

brainstorming with a martini

Your actions have made an impact since 2014!

Since TSHU was created, many of you have adopted the TSHU handkerchief. Sometimes to replenish your existing collection, other times to begin changing your daily habits for the first time! Either way, your actions have helped plant many trees and contribute to the reforestation of places in the world that sorely need it.

Here’s how many trees we’ve planted together over the years!

  • In 2014: 695 trees
  • In 2015: 638 trees
  • In 2016: 763 trees
  • In 2017: 396 trees
  • In 2018: 489 trees
  • In 2019: 616 trees
  • In 2020: 747 trees
  • In 2021: 572 trees

How many will we plant in 2022? I, for one, would love to see us break our 2016 record!!!

one tree planted

Who plants these trees?

Since the very beginning of TSHU, the WeForest Foundation has been the place where we entrust our donations so that they can contribute to reforestation projects. For those of you who don’t know this foundation—it was founded in 2010 and has since been dedicated to developing reforestation projects where communities and nature work together to stop global warming, “in their lifetime.” By creating projects dedicated to conserving and restoring the integrity of forests and landscapes, WeForest mobilizes communities in implementing sustainable solutions for our climate, nature and people.

Where are our trees planted?

TSHU has been involved in two reforestation projects: the first in Ethiopia and the second in Tanzania. 

Planting project in Ethiopia (photo from March 2014)

The project we were involved in has now been completed, but it took place in two regions of the Ethiopian Rift Valley—Udo Wetate and Mekibassa, where approximately 263 hectares of decommissioned land was reforested. To learn more, feel free to check out this report from May 2014!

planting trees in ethiopia

Planting project in Tanzania (still ongoing)

If you’re curious to see the ongoing work with the WeForest Tanzania project, check out the foundation’s website right here! You’ll find great reports, maps, and lots of info on the impact of your actions.

we forest tanzania tree plantation

What next?

Let’s keep dreaming together! If you have any wishes, ideas, suggestions to help us strengthen the impact of your actions, we are always ready to listen. Contact us through the website or on social media, via Facebook or Instagram!

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