Author name: Thomas Geissmann

Father, step-father, lover, retired lawyer and entrepreneur—a man of many facets. He is co-founder of TSHU, the company that has put handkerchiefs back on the map. A proponent of good sportsmanship, Thomas loves winning equally as he hates losing. With extensive leadership experience, Thomas has built powerful teams, generated financing rounds of over $10 million and secured important partnerships in three continents.

Spring Cleaning

In 2015, we declared: “(The) only thing that’s not transparent here are the handkerchiefs.” And here we are, a year later, still upholding our promise. Our handkerchiefs are as thick and absorbent as always. The only thing that remains transparent is—well—us! For those who have been following our journey, you’ll recall we’ve done everything in …

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mini tshu handkerchief washcloth

Mini, indeed!

_”Now that you’ve launched handkerchiefs, surely you’re planning to branch out into bow ties, right?” (Ah, the question everyone asks.)   _”No, not really. Our handkerchiefs aren’t strictly pocket squares for show—they’re actually real, practical handkerchiefs for the blow. You can wear them, use them, get them dirty—little to do with bow ties and suspenders, …

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Small? That’s right.

“But in reality… TSHU is really small!” Yes, it is. Since TSHU first came about, I can’t recall how many times we’ve heard these words. And what to say about the incredulous stares from people visiting our office and storage – aka a room filled with handkerchiefs, piles and rolls of fabric, a table, one chair, …

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colorful handkerchiefs for men and women

TSHU, it’s about you.

In my first blog post, I mentioned that our project started off with a trip; an idea, and then a dream. First, TSHU was about us. From these first steps were born our first handkerchiefs, which lead to great ambitions. TSHU was us, Marion and I. Since TSHU’s official launch last spring, several hundred handkerchiefs …

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Where will they lead?

“I wonder where those little hankies will lead…”. In this simple question lie two understatements. The first applies to any entrepreneur and implies that any project is limited in its reach by those who support it. The second is that as we launched TSHU, few people thought we would be where we’re at today, selling …

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