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As some of you know, TSHU—and our family, crossed the ocean to settle down in Provence almost 5 years ago. Here in France, we’ve lived through a fair share of adventures. We met wonderful people. We learned loads of things that have helped us to do more and do better. 

But today, it is time for us to go back home… That’s why next April, we will be leaving for Montreal.

This will not be without consequences for our small family business, since we will have to put our life back in a container and wait patiently for it to cross the ocean. What does this mean for TSHU, for you?

Your orders will be fulfilled!

As of April, we will be on the road and our journey promises to be long, as we will be setting up in our Montreal workshop in August. During this transition, our beloved handkerchiefs will accompany us and we will be able to ship your orders as long as we have hankies in stock.

tshu handkerchief orders

Custom embroidery will be temporarily unavailable

Unfortunately, it will be impossible to hit the road with all our machines and hundreds of thread bobbins… So we’ll have to temporarily close our personalized embroidery service for handkerchiefs and napkins. Same for our personalized embroidered gift tags.

embroidered handkerchief

If you want to receive your personalized handkerchiefs in spring…

We encourage you to place your order by mid-March, so that we can embroider your beautiful handkerchiefs and mail them to you before our big departure. 

Pre-ordering: an option for those who like to plan ahead

From April 1 to August 15, we won’t be able to ship any personalized handkerchiefs—but we will accept pre-orders! So, if you’re the type of person who likes to plan ahead, you can order your personalized handkerchiefs with embroidery between April and August, and receive them at the end of summer 2022.

handmade handkerchiefs

A return to our roots

Personally, I can’t wait to get back to Montreal and proudly make our beautiful handkerchiefs in Quebec. I hope with all my heart that despite this complicated year, you will continue to encourage us, to support us and to blow your nose in our soft handkerchiefs.

Thank you for being there!


Co-founder, TSHU

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