What’s the best handkerchief for blowing your nose?

  • Looking for the best handkerchief to blow your nose?

  • Want to understand what makes a handkerchief perfectly adapted for your nostrils?

  • Oh—and which hankies are best suited to manage your snot?

Read on and become an expert.

A handkerchief for all snouts & levels of congestion

The best handkerchief for blowing your nose is one that fits perfectly with your pretty little muzzle (or large, sculptural trunk) and can daintily dab at a quaint little drip or manage a mucus tsunami.

When choosing what may become your best bud—you’ll want to consider size, thickness and absorbency. For instance, a very large but almost translucent hanky will be adequate for small drips, but if you suffer from allergies or if phlegm has got the best of you, you might want to opt for something thicker and more absorbent. For light, everyday use, you can opt for adorable, thin, soft and supple single ply handkerchiefs. As per dealing with colds or big boogers, you might want to consider thick, absorbent, double ply hankies.

Whatever size nose/nasal discharge you may be dealing with—the perfect handkerchief is out there for you.

best handkerchief for blowing nose

A handkerchief you can wash & rewash forever

Another important factor if you’re looking for a handkerchief to blow your nose in—is one that will survive many washes. Handkerchiefs are a great alternative to paper tissues—but in order to maintain a good hygiene, you’ll want to keep yours clean.

A good handkerchief should be made to last. Hence, you should be able to wash and rewash as many times as you need without it disintegrating or unravelling itself. Look for high-quality fabric and ethical fabrication. Yup—when people are well treated, compensated and work in good conditions, they tend to care more about the end result.

We’ve had our handkerchiefs since TSHU was born in 2014—and they’re still looking pretty smart. And cool fact: they actually get softer and more absorbent with time.

A handkerchief you can proudly sport

Yes, we know: handkerchiefs sometimes have bad press ’cause many remember their grandpas and grandmas sporting what looks like a dirty bedsheet up their sleeves. Scratch that from your memory! Today, there are a great number of modern handkerchiefs that are cool and yes—even stylish accessories. Look for a bold pattern (they also cover stains, which is definitely a perk!) or a colourful handkerchief and mix and match with your wardrobe. 🙂

best handkerchief for blowing nose

A handkerchief that’s good for you—and the planet.

If you’re intending to blow your nose in a cotton handkerchief, you’ve definitely got the memo about caring for our planet. But why not go the extra mile and consider adopting organic cotton as well? Pssssst—TSHU Handkerchiefs also give back, to reinforce your fab fab habits: indeed, we commit to plant a tree every time you adopt a hanky.

What are your must-haves when shopping for the perfect hanky to blow your nose? Share your insights with us!

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