Here at TSHU, we don’t do things halfway. And today is no exception—in fact we have big news to share with you!


Funny, especially since it all began in France, summer 2014….

But, why?

To make a long story short, Thomas and I have been toying with the dream of a great adventure for a few years already now… But our unconditional love for Montreal did not make the decision an easy one. It will have taken the breathtaking beauty of Provence to convince us to leave. From Aix-en-Provence, Thomas will lead a great business dedicated to offering a better quality of life to the elderly wanting to stay home as long as possible.

One of the great perks of being an entrepreneur in life is that freedom is infinite. We are who we choose to be! Hence, we decided to pack up our little handkerchiefs and go live the sweet Provencal dream.

Will you follow us?

Provence mouchoirs en tissu

So what will happen?

TSHU will go on! Yup, we are indeed bringing all our lovely hankies with us, with the desire to prolong our great journey with you. TSHU, and all it represents, will follow: our vision, our mission, our values. Yes, TSHU will still mean ecofriendly products, ethical labour all the way—and we will always plant a tree for each adopted hanky.

Un mouchoir en tissu adopté, un arbre planté!

Of course, we’ll need a little time to get settled in, which is why we’ll “close” shop between June 5th and July 15, 2017. During this time, our TSHU handkerchiefs will travel across the ocean by boat and we’ll reunite with them on French land, ready to rock!

Oh Lord, let’s hit the Shop.

That sums it up! If you think you may need to stock up on your favourite styles before mid-July, we urge you to hit the Shop ASAP! All orders placed before June 5th will be delivered before we hit the road.

Then, between June 5th and July 15th, the Shop will be open, but you’ll have to wait until we make it to Europe to receive your handkerchiefs.

Hankies mouchoirs en tissu

Adios Amigos, we’ll see you on July 15th!

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