Time for BIG NEWS 📣

I’ve got BIG NEWS this week … and I’m SO EXCITED to share them with you!!!!

Meet my Sister!

I’ve been really busy at the shop these past few months and enjoying every minute of it! 

But I’ve come to realize that it’s taking me more and more time to fulfill your orders as I can’t fully keep up with the demand. So, I decided to get some help! 

And this is the first part of my big news: I’d like you to meet Pascale, my sister, who’ll be joining me in the workshop to help make, pack and ship your orders starting this summer.

Pascale is a social worker and mom of 2 kiddos. She is patient, funny, kind, caring and oh-so-much-more-reasonable than I am! On her free time, I drag her to Crossfit workouts. She also likes to read, cook – eat what she cooks – and do puzzles. She learned to bike at 35 and is not ashamed to tell anyone who asks!

Let’s give her a warm welcome!

Marion and Pascale Poirier - Meet my Sister!

That’s not all, though!

Welcome, Baby #5

Next December, Thomas and I will be welcoming Baby #5 to the family… And we are so thrilled. 

This means that I’ll have to slow down a little bit around Christmas time, so I’m delighted to have an extra pair of hands at the shop to help smooth the transition and keep offering you the best service (and handkerchiefs) I can!!!

Those of you who have been around for a while, know that we have a home filled with boys (four at the moment). So the bets are on: BOY or GIRL this time?

Share your predictions in the comments below!


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