TSHU Story #3: Ysabelle

Ysabelle's TSHU Handkerchief Story

Ysa chooses TSHU. And racing. Because Ysabelle’s a marathon runner: sporty, playful and proud. Handkerchief by her side, she’s ready for the run, keeping the pace under the sun. Ysabelle hails from Saint-Antoine-Abbé, near the New York border, or as she would put it, “Near Huntingdon. You know, Mayor Gendron?” She has since moved toward the

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TSHU Story #2: Raphael

Raphael's TSHU handkerchiefs story

Loneliness has become a thing of the past …since Raphael adopted Gilbert. His men’s handkerchief has been such a great source of inspiration that it no longer ever leaves his side. TSHU may not be a social or religious movement (yet), but the little hanky is making believers out of more and more people. Ever

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TSHU Story #1: Dan & Pascale

Dan & Pascale's TSHU Handkerchiefs Story

SOLO OR DUO? The eternal question: the freedom of solo or the passion of duo? Daniel and Pascale are a duo; partners in crime so to speak. The more I talked to them, the more I realized they are one. And yet, they’re still individuals, each with their respective passions and desires — each with

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TSHU, it’s about you.

In my first blog post, I mentioned that our project started off with a trip; an idea, and then a dream. First, TSHU was about us. From these first steps were born our first handkerchiefs, which lead to great ambitions. TSHU was us, Marion and I. Since TSHU’s official launch last spring, several hundred handkerchiefs

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Where will they lead?


“I wonder where those little hankies will lead…”. In this simple question lie two understatements. The first applies to any entrepreneur and implies that any project is limited in its reach by those who support it. The second is that as we launched TSHU, few people thought we would be where we’re at today, selling

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