The Brand New TSHU: Bigger, Stronger, Softer.

Ever since our massive spring cleaning, our brains haven’t stopped working on new ways to make our TSHUs even more efficient and eco-friendly. The question begged to be answered: How?

Your handkerchiefs are green?

Yes ma’am! Even if made of new materials.

First step: materials. That’s right—it’s no easy task to find cotton that meets our standards of softness, durability and absorbency…on top of being certified organic! That’s why TSHU carried a single certified organic option when it launched in 2014. Our goal was to one day offer our whole product line as certified organic.

We persisted, in search of this unicorn cotton (found in 22 different parts of the world, according to the International Trade Center). However, we can’t give ourselves that much credit for finding it in the end—gotta love the internet! Our efforts were mostly spent on finding the perfect fit and testing the thoroughly (the good ol’ Sneeze-and-Wash test).

So here we are, two years down the road—and it’s a tremendous pleasure to announce that our beloved Gilbert, Louise, Henri (two-ply) and Nof are now produced with certified organic cotton too! They join our Hanks and mini-TSHUs in making our product line greener than ever. But wait—there’s more!

As incorrigible perfectionists, we’re always make sure that TSHU is the best it can be. So we recalled a client’s feedback from way back then: “Those folded corners… cute, but not super practical.”


tshu handkerchief folded corner white handkerchief

Why folded?

Time has come to unveil all our secrets. Here goes.

At the time of TSHU’s inception, we thought of various ways to make sure our hankies would stand out and our future TSHU devotees (that’s you) would instantly recognize the value, quality and ethical devotion behind our brand.

In what ways could we ensure that our hankies would set themselves apart from our grandpa’s old school handkerchief before even being used? Why, with eye-catching designs, visibly strong cotton and a unique shape!

That’s how our folded corners came to be, proudly embroidered with our name – and sometimes even yours.

mini tshu hanky for babies

So, the folded corner: here to stay?

Only fools don’t change their minds.

We did decide to forgo the folded corner when designing our mini-TSHUs. A way to avoid scratching our darling children’s sensitive little noses with the slightly rougher embroidery.

But should this approach be strictly reserved to mini-TSHUs? We decided to weigh the pros and cons.

The pros. The folded corner is an integrated part of our brand—no folded corner, no TSHU. A modern shape with a touch of embroidered nostalgia. The folded corner is our signature, distinguishing our hankies from the rest. After all, our brand is anything but square!

The cons. Folding corners does add to our carbon footprint, since sewing and embroidery workshops are rarely at the same spot. And it’s true—it is a little more rough for the nose (even for grown ups). Plus, a folded corner minimizes the surface area of our hankies by 25cm2. Think of all the extra room we could allow for your precious nose!

Clearly, it was time to look at ourselves in the mirror. Should TSHU favour style over function? And would TSHU still be TSHU without its signature fold?

The answer was obvious—we knew what we stood for. And so, without further ado, allow us to present our newest vintage of TSHUs, ones without folded corners. Bigger, stronger, softer… and greener than ever!

Over the next few months, our classic TSHUs with folded embroidered corners will slowly phase out to make way for this new (and improved) generation of hankies, now adorned with woven labels. So don’t wait too long before they’re gone! Now’s the time to add a few more of our iconic folded hankies to your collection!

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