The secret behind my handkerchiefs with a folded hem

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how to make a handkerchief with folded hem

What makes my handkerchiefs with folded hem so beautiful? It’s a combination of a couple of things: quality fabric, attention to detail, and making time to handcraft each handkerchief that will be delivered to your home. Today, I am revealing the multiple steps required to make a handkerchief with folded hem! It may seem simple […]

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I created these so you can try TSHU products for less money!

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tshu orphan handkerchiefs

A few years ago, when we launched TSHU, all our handkerchiefs were made by a small sewing shop in Montreal. Thomas and I knew nothing about sewing! But we quickly realized that making handkerchiefs also meant creating waste.  And since we were creating handkerchiefs to reduce waste, we didn’t really like the idea of creating […]

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