Mindful Living

the art of letting go

10 simple tips to let go 

Letting go… More easily said than done, right? Yet, it’s crucial if you want to lead a more serene life. Today, I wanted to share with you some tips I have developed over time to be more zen and let go of things I can’t control! I’d like to mention that for me, these strategies took … Read more

mindful living

My 3 wishes for 2023

As I sat down to write this article, I had to stop and sit still with myself, in order to identify the few things I felt needed to be addressed in the coming year. I’m not too fond of resolutions, as I find there’s no better time to change a habit than the present moment—and … Read more

art of being grateful

The Art of Being Grateful

This year, I’ve become very interested in gratitude. Why? Because I firmly believe that positive thinking has a strong impact on our quality of life. And that the simple act of being grateful in life, makes us take the time to appreciate the positive things around us, which puts us in a better state of … Read more

life balance

Adventure: 1—Routine: 0.

Do you sometimes feel like you’re sleepwalking? Do you feel that your light isn’t shining as bright, that you’ve lost your sparkle? This year, I realized that when I lose my balance, my sparkling eyes hit the road, too! And that if I don’t work on maintaining my balance, it naturally comes undone. What do … Read more

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