My 5 tips to soften the impact of your allergies 

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how to deal with allergies

Warm weather and sunshine are finally here… But ragweed pollen season is also beginning … which means DEBILITATING ALLERGIES for many!  Or perhaps you’re like me and you have allergies year-round when you push your limits playing sports (I know, who would have thought sports-related allergic rhinitis existed! Doesn’t keep me from being active, though.).  […]

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10 easy tips to care for your things so they’ll last a long, long time!

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how to care for your things so they will last a long time

Caring for our clothing or zero-waste essentials is not rocket science—but sometimes we don’t know better and we end up being really sad when our favourite t-shirt/cloth napkin/jeans/socks/hanky turns into a rag and just can’t serve anymore!  Here are 10 tips that will make a huge difference in keeping your things looking sharp and lasting—hopefully—for […]

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