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Introducing CLARK: a thick, soft, soft cotton flannel handkerchief.

This week, I wanted to tell you about a new material—and a new handkerchief—that might just get you completely hooked.  It’s called CLARK and it’s an elegant, ultra-soft handkerchief with an understated herringbone pattern. This beautiful kerchief is made with a material that I recently discovered and fell head over heels in love with. Why … Read more

new handkerchiefs on the TSHU online shop!

New on the Shop this spring!

This spring, we’ve been quiet but busy. Improving the website, thinking up new cool add-ons and creating fabulous new handkerchiefs and hanky holders!  Here’s the gist, we hope you enjoy these new items! So, what’s new on the shop? Two very cool things at checkout:  Primo: a gift wrapping option Secundo: a personalized note option … Read more

A Handkerchief With Your Name on It

So simple yet, so amazing. And now, so easily attainable. How to personalize your handkerchief? In order to embroider your name on one of our handkerchiefs, start by picking one out. To help you choose, here are the various handkerchiefs we can work with: Embroidery Thread Colour When opting for our embroidery option to customize … Read more

softest handkerchief

The Softest Handkerchief in the World

It’s here! The softest handkerchief in the world. And it’s all thanks to you.  Because of us? Yes! We love to hear from you and feedback, of all sorts, helps us improve every day. When you share ideas, any constructive criticism, your needs and, of course, when you express your satisfaction, we get to work. … Read more

handkerchief vs pocket square

Handkerchief vs Pocket Square

A brief explanation of the difference between the handkerchief and the pocket square. What is a handkerchief? A handkerchief is a piece of cloth—generally cotton, used to blow your nose. You can also find various other types of handkerchiefs, such as flannel. A hanky basically replaces paper tissues and is intended for a practical use. … Read more

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