Shall we design the Spring collection?

It’s already time to plan the launch of our Spring Collection and I need your help!

Here are a few fabrics that have inspired me and that to me, celebrate the rebirth of nature, the great comeback of outdoor activities, the sun on my skin and slow afternoons under the summer breeze.

Here they are one by one! I’d love to hear which of these fabrics you’d like to see become part of our Spring Collection!

It’s picnic time: checkers 

This lovely checkered yellow and white fabric is rather light and offers excellent stability. It could work alone, or lined with white sateen for more absorbency!

Like a beach chair

Similar to our checkered fabric, this gorgeous blue and white striped cotton offers lightness. It could also be used alone or lined.

Peacocks in all their glory

This organic cotton poplin is a new creation by Lou, from Bleu Tango! Finely woven, this cotton would work best lined, since it’s backing is not as attractive as its colourful peacock pattern!

A sunny turquoise

Simple, cheerful, this turquoise fabric will offer absorbency for the first sunny days of the season! It could be worked into small or extra-large sizes, depending on what you prefer!

Enchanted gardens

Another creation by Bleu Tango! This lightweight fabric features pinkish gardens. How would you imagine it as a handkerchief? I was thinking perhaps a lovely fuchsia rolled hem!

Linen that reminds me of the ocean

This supple, lightweight Italian linen boasts a deep blue hue. It’s absolutely perfect for lazy spring afternoons. We could use such a handkerchief to carry a sandwich on the road… Or wipe our brows after a bike ride. It’s a fabulous antibacterial friend for daily life!

Stripes to celebrate the warm weather

Almost translucent, this incredibly lightweight fabric reminds us of summer clothing, which we’re about to pull out for the soon-to come summer weather. Comforting and ultra soft, it would make a rather fantastic hanky in extra-large size!

So have you fallen in love with some of these fabrics? Did I forget to include a design that would for you, change the arrival of Spring?

Quick, tell me your thoughts by commenting on this article below! And don’t hesitate to let me know if you’d like to see these handkerchiefs come to life in small, standard or large sizes… And in single or double ply!


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