My 8 Favourite Eco-Friendly Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day is right around the corner and I LOVE sharing my gift ideas by telling you about amazing eco-friendly brands and products that I adore so you can spoil Dad with something you stand behind, too! So without any further ado, here are my 8 fave eco-friendly gifts for Dad. Enjoy 🙂

Oh—and by the way… I don’t work with any of these brands and don’t get anything if you shop on their websites! These are just my personal favourites and I’m sharing them with you without getting anything in return (except for your eternal gratitude)!

Eco-Friendly Gift Idea #1: a few organic basics for the dad who likes to be comfy

If Dad is a little bit like my man, he rarely splurges on clothing—especially basics—although he is in dire need of them (anyone else have holes in strange places?) So basics (like undershirts or boxers, even) can be a cool way to spoil Dad, without getting him something he won’t wear (yes, I’m thinking about the awful tie that collects dust in the closet). You can get basics for Dad pretty much anywhere, but a brand that stands out, in my opinion, is Organic Basics and here’s why.

🍃 Why they’re eco-friendly: Organic Basics only chooses high quality fabrics and they partner with factories that care about their impact. They make no compromise when it comes to sustainability and simply put, their products are made to last!

❤️ What I LOVE about Organic Basics is that the products are designed with simplicity and function in mind—which is pretty much what TSHU is all about: eco-friendly things that are made to last and made to enjoy. A special shout out to their TENCEL collection (TENCEL is a soft and breathable material that is made from wood pulp with nontoxic solvents) which, in my opinion—is the SOFTEST material you can treat your skin to. 

🎁 Where to buy this eco-friendly gift for Dad: right here on the Organic Basics online shop.

Eco-Friendly Gift Idea #2: a special outing with you for the dad who prefers experiences over things

This year, Thomas and I had a realization that truly warmed my heart as we were planning our upcoming years together (I know, so mature!) Looking back on our past ten years together, we realized that our priorities, desires and needs had completely shifted. And we were genuinely delighted to realize that our plan for the next few years is focused on experiences—not things!

🍃 Why planning an outing with Dad qualifies as an eco-friendly gift: rather than purchasing things dad doesn’t really need, planning a special outing with him will allow you to enjoy time together without consuming anything! And there’s nothing more eco-friendly than not consuming when you don’t need to 🙂

❤️ What I LOVE about this gift is that it’s the perfect opportunity to be super creative—and it can suit any type of dad (except those who don’t like to have fun… But that’s not the case for the dad in your life, right?) A few ideas to consider: 

  • An outing to an awesome new restaurant for the foodie dad (or a home-cooked special meal if budget is an issue!)
  • A long hike—trail—bike ride together, to a special location or including a special picnic stop together
  • A cultural outing (art exhibition, theatre, concert or other), followed by ice cream or coffee
  • A sports event (even if it means travelling a little bit to get there!)
  • A yoga retreat or a massage (dads need pampering, too!)
eco friendly gift ideas for dad

Eco-Friendly Gift Idea #3: a gorgeous apron for the dad who likes to cook

If Dad enjoys cooking or handling the barbecue—a nice eco-friendly apron is sure to please! Meema makes awesome aprons, one of which is made with cotton that is 80% upcycled… And the result is quite pleasing to the eye! Check it out.

🍃 Why this gift idea for Dad is eco-friendly: gifting dad an apron may not sound like the most obvious eco-friendly gift—but I think that an apron is a must-have because it helps keep your clothes in good condition by protecting them from stains and spills when you cook. And keeping your clothes for a long time is definitely an eco-friendly thing!

❤️ What I LOVE about this apron is that it was designed with function in mind. It includes different-sized pockets and its straps are crossed in the back to avoid having them slip off dad’s shoulder. Whether the dad in your life likes to cook or create things with his hands in the workshop—this apron is sure to please!

🎁 Where to buy this eco-friendly gift for Dad: on Meema’s website, right here.

Eco-Friendly Gift Idea #4: a durable and practical bag for the dad who travels a lot

A travel bag is always a great gift—because truth be told, we rarely want to splurge on practical things but we really enjoy having fabulous useful items. A travel bag is no exception! And Pakt makes an amazing travel backpack—so awesome you might just want to grab one for yourself, too.

🍃 Why these travel bags are eco-friendly: Pakt bags are made with rPET, which is a fabric that is similar to nylon but is made from recycled single-use plastic. In order to make their bags water resistant, Pakt treats the rPET with durable water-resistant coating. When it comes to ethics, the brand works with suppliers and manufacturers that share their values and standards. And they ship the bags in plastic-free packaging!

❤️ What I LOVE about Pakt is that their backpack is comfortable, durable and filled with a ton of useful features including a waterproof pocket (no more leaks!), a place for your laptop (a must-have for my hubby) and a spot for your reusable water bottle (never travels without). Plus, it works as a carry-on if Dad is planning on hopping on a plane and hates waiting for his luggage or loves to pack light. If you’re not in a rush to give Dad his gift, be sure to check out Pakt’s Anywhere Collection, which includes bigger bags that you can pre-order! The brand also offers a variety of useful accessories including packing cubes (you won’t be able to remember why you EVER lived without these!) Oh—and last but not least, Pakt offers a lifetime guarantee on their bags! How cool is that?

🎁 Where to buy this eco-friendly gift for Dad: on Pakt’s website.

eco friendly fathers day gifts

Eco-Friendly Gift Idea #5: the coolest hat for the dad who likes to keep warm

Yeah, I know, we’re all longing for warmer weather these days—but it’s the perfect time to splurge on some amazing winter hats—especially because at this time of year, they are usually on sale!!! That’s why I’ve decided to include Caribou hats in my list of top eco-friendly gifts for Dad.

🍃 Why they’re eco-friendly: everything the brand makes is proudly designed and made in Quebec. Most items on the shop are made in the brand’s small Montreal-based shop and Caribou keeps a close tabs on the Canadian workshops they collaborate with in order to avoid supporting unethical working conditions. What’s more, the wool used to make Caribou’s warm headgear is oeko-tex certified—which means that there are no unwanted chemicals in their fabulous hats. The wool is also certified RWS, which means that it comes from farms that strive to minimize their environmental impact and where the animal’s well-being is a priority. And last but not least, the brand uses 100% recycled packaging to ship your order. 

❤️ What I LOVE about these is that like all the products I stand behind, the hats are practical since they are super warm and they are super cute. They won’t go out of style (simplicity is key) and they are made to last. What’s there not to love about them?

🎁 Where to buy this eco-friendly gift for Dad: on Caribou’s website, which is unfortunately available in French only at this time.

Eco-Friendly Gift Idea #6: plant-based running shoes for the sporty dad

Good shoes are always a hit with dads who love to stay in shape. And Reebok’s plant-based shoes are a good option to keep in mind, since they’re not just eco-friendly, they are actually made with things that grow! I honestly didn’t know that this was a thing before researching eco-friendly shoes BUT I LOVE IT. Here’s a little more info on these crazy-cool eco-friendly shoes by Reebok.

🍃 Why they’re eco-friendly: as mentioned above, the running shoes are plant-based! Oh yes—Reebok has outdone themselves to create a shoe that is made out of eucalyptus, algae and castor beans yet performs incredibly well, run after run.

❤️ What I LOVE about these is that the shoes are made with things that grow. I know I’ve already mentioned it, but I can’t quite wrap my head around it. I mean, things that grow!! If that doesn’t completely blow your mind, know that Reebok also has other eco-friendly alternatives, like their reecycled, reegrow, made with recycled content and vegan shoe collections.

🎁 Where to buy this eco-friendly gift for Dad: on Reebok’s website and I’ve filtered out all the eco-friendly options for you on there.

Eco-Friendly Gift Idea #7: a cork wallet for the dad who likes to spend on good things

If you’ve read my article on amazing eco-friendly mother’s day gifts, you know that I love cork 🙂 So it’s no surprise that I’ve decided to include a cork wallet in this list! In my opinion, Kuma Eyewear’s cork wallet offers the perfect balance between looks, brand values and function. Here’s more about this fabulous gift idea.

🍃 Why they’re eco-friendly: the brand’s wallets are made with vegan, sustainable cork. And, just like TSHU does, Kuma Eyewear plants a tree for every cork wallet you purchase! What’s more, the brand also makes eco-friendly eyewear, like adorable bamboo glasses.

❤️ What I LOVE about these is that the wallets are available in two colours (natural and black) to match dad’s taste. The thoughtfully designed cork wallets include a magnetic button compartment, a currency sleeve and, of course, card slots. 

🎁 Where to buy this eco-friendly gift for Dad: you can shop for this eco-friendly father’s day gift directly on the Kuma website

eco friendly gift set for dad

Eco-Friendly Gift Idea #8: a set of high-quality handkerchiefs for the dad who swears by cotton

If Dad loves to bury his nose in soft cotton, he will surely enjoy this gorgeous set of handkerchiefs I’ve put together for him. Featuring 8 handkerchiefs (one for every day of the week + an extra one for laundry day), this set is sure to please.

🍃 Why they’re eco-friendly: reusable handkerchiefs help reduce waste since they are washable and made to last. If you adopt them on a daily basis, they completely eliminate the need for paper tissues—and with such a large collection, you’ll never run out! What’s more, in order to reinforce the impact of your positive actions (well dad’s actually) on our planet, TSHU commits to planting a tree for each Father’s day gift set you purchase.

❤️ What I LOVE about this father’s day gift set is that it includes a variety of handkerchiefs—from ultra thin to extra thick—so Dad can use them in all circumstances: from wiping his forehead to dealing with debilitating allergies or a MAN cold.

🎁 Where to buy this eco-friendly gift set for Dad: right here on the TSHU online shop. We also have plenty of other sets if you are looking for a cheaper gift for Dad!

So tell me! Is there anything in there that you think will make Dad happy? Did I leave anything out you wish I had covered? Don’t be shy, write and let me know!

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