Exclusive details on our Fall 2022 collection

Back to school is in full swing and I’ve been working on our fall collection for several weeks now. I can’t wait to show you! For this collection, I wanted to bring together incredibly soft and comforting fabrics—both ultra-light & airy and thick & safe.

Too impatient to wait until October to reveal details about this collection, I’m unveiling a few of the new combinations that you’ll be discovering soon on the shop!

Are you ready? Here we go.

Our fall formats

First of all, let’s start with the handkerchief formats that you will find in our fall collection! In order to make sure everyone finds a handkerchief to their liking, I’ve planned to create handkerchiefs of various sizes this season. These include:

  • Small hankies, 20 × 20 cm
  • Standard sized handkerchiefs, 28 × 28 cm
  • Large handkerchiefs, 34 × 34 cm
  • Extra large handkerchiefs, 40 × 40 cm

Some styles will even be offered in more than one size, to limit fabric waste and to please small and larger noses 🙂

soft fabric for handkerchiefs

Spotlight on our new materials 

This fall, I wanted to test several new materials. Of course, there will be new cotton handkerchiefs—many of them in certified organic cotton—but there will also be new things. Very nice and soft new things!

New this fall: linen

Among other new materials, I have decided to introduce a new linen handkerchief to our offer this fall. Why? 1_ Because many of you have asked me for it and 2_ Because I found a very nice, soft, certified organic linen with stripes (another popular request!). This new handkerchief will be rather thick and, like all linen handkerchiefs, it will become softer and more absorbent as you use it.

linen handkerchief

A must-try: tencel

I’ve been wanting to experiment with tencel for a long time, an ecofriendly and incredibly soft material. But I had a lot of difficulty working with it, because it is a rather thick and very fluid material. This summer, while experimenting, I had the idea to combine it with a more stable and thin material, in order to give it some structure. Then, I tested a few different ways to put it together and BINGO—I found a finish that I am pleased with! So I’m thrilled this fall to bring you a few new styles made with this lovely material. For me, it’s the ultimate luxury for your nose (and as I write this article, I am enjoying a nice little Covid + blissfully relieving my nose with my new Tencel hanky).

An elegant fabric for special occasions: viscose

In the less eco-friendly but oh-so-lovely category, I dared to make some handkerchiefs with soft and silky cotton, lined with viscose crêpe—a material that feels like silk. Light and fluid, this material adds a touch of elegance to the handkerchief and is adorned with truly irresistible prints. 

terrazzo pattern handkerchief

An array of new patterns!

For several months now, I’ve been asking you what your favourite patterns are. And the one that came up the most often was stripes! Since I didn’t have any striped handkerchiefs to offer you, I had the pleasure of looking for the most beautiful striped fabrics for the fall. So you’ll discover several new striped handkerchiefs in our new collection!

Among other classic patterns, I also found a beautiful plaid fabric—sober, elegant, timeless. And polka dots in indigo shades—a classic with a funky twist!

But that’s not all. I’ve also found a few nice plain fabrics in new shades, for those who like to keep things simple.

And, for those of you who like to get fancy, I have some very gorgeous new prints to show you! Granito-terrazo patterns, adorable foxes, tribal patterns, chevrons and even flowers with delicious vintage shades.

So, are you as excited as I am to see all these new handkerchiefs?

tencel handkerchief

And a brand new hanky holder 

This year, our handkerchief holders with snaps were a big hit! That’s why I chose to create a brand new one with a beautiful pale organic cotton denim. Casual but elegant, it will definitely be a must-have tissue case this fall!

How do you feel about pre-ordering these hankies at a discounted price?

By becoming a member of our community, you could have access to all these beautiful handkerchiefs at a reduced price, before anyone else. Are you interested? Don’t hesitate to subscribe to our mailing list. You’ll be among the first to know!

On that note, I wish you all a wonderful week!

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