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exclusive offers for loyal subscribers on the TSHU shop

For the past few months, I’ve been wondering how to thank the loyal members of our community—those who have subscribed to our e-mailing list.


Because without the rich conversations we have together on a daily basis—from comments on my blog posts to new product suggestions or feedback on existing products—TSHU wouldn’t be where it is today. Each message, each idea, each review helps me do better. It’s thanks to the members of my community that I get up every morning with a smile, determined to make the best reusable alternatives out there. It’s because of them that I am able to dedicate another beautiful day sewing and fuelling my creativity.

OK, what is it???

To show my appreciation, I wanted to make a meaningful gesture that would last over time. Like many of my great ideas, this one came to me in the shower. And I think you’ll like it, a lot!

As of this Saturday, 7 AM (eastern time)—and every Saturday after that—I will send an exclusive offer by email to my subscribers. This offer will be valid all day until midnight and will be available only to the members of my community. These will receive a special code to redeem their privilege!

exclusive offers for loyal subscribers on the TSHU shop

Will it be worth it?

I won’t reveal every detail right away but I promise you this: it will be worth it! These exclusive offers will include a ton of SUPER exciting things, such as

Free handkerchiefs and other cool reusable alternatives

Oh yes, by being subscribed to our newsletter, you could earn a free handkerchief.

Special promotions

There are sooooo many possibilities with this one! Two hankies for the price of one … 40% off on a set of handkerchiefs, 60% off on a specific style… And much, much more!

Samples to try new ecoswaps

You could for instance receive a cloth toothbrush holder for eco-friendly travelling, or a reusable bowl cover!

Free personalization

For instance, you could get your initials or your name embroidered for free on your fave handkerchiefs!

Small (and not-so-small) gifts

Gifts? Yes! Including eco-friendly products that I like and have purchased in the past, like reusable beeswax wrap, and stainless steel straws!

New styles (before everyone else!)

When I release a new style or a new collection on the shop, you’ll have access to it before everyone else—at a discounted rate!

exclusive offers for loyal subscribers on the TSHU shop

I PROMISE: I have a ton more amazing ideas to spoil you!

How to make sure you get access to these exclusive offers? Just join our community by subscribing below. Great news is there’s no deadline! You can join anytime and you’ll get your first special offer the following Saturday.

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