Dernière chance avant l’automne !

As you probably know, our family (and TSHU!) are leaving France to come back to Montreal this spring. 

It will be a long adventure and while we cross the ocean, the workshop will be temporarily closed! We will still ship your orders, wherever we are in the world, while stocks last. But don’t worry, we’ve been sewing like mad and have stocked up! So nothing should go missing during this transition :).

Embroidery won’t be available during our trip across the ocean

Since all of our possessions will be in transit, it will be impossible for us to offer you custom embroidery between April 1st and August 15th… Because our sewing and embroidery machines will be on a boat, on their way to Quebec! 

Here are the three options available to you, so you can give a personalized gift to a loved one during this time—or if you’re just thinking of treating yourself to embroidered napkins or a handkerchief with your initials this year.


Option 1: Order by March 31, 2022

Between now and March 31, 2022, our embroidery machine (and our fairy fingers) will be at your disposal to make your personalized handkerchiefs and napkins! Don’t hesitate to place an order today to receive your favourite styles personalized with embroidery as soon as possible.

Option 2: Make a pre-order

Between April 1 and August 15, 2022, you can pre-order an embroidered handkerchief or napkin, and your order will be shipped as soon as we come home, around August 15, 2022. 

That being said, know that if you order a couple of handkerchiefs or other products without embroidery, we will be happy to ship them to you promptly, so you can enjoy your items that are not personalized before August. Embroidered cloth napkins or handkerchiefs will follow at the end of the summer, shipped at no extra cost.

Option 3: Wait for fall

The last option is simply to wait until fall to place your order! By then we will be well settled back in our Rosemont home and the workshop will be up and running again. And we will be so, so excited to receive your beautiful personalized gift orders in time for the holiday season!

eco friendly personalized gifts

What you need to know about our personalized napkins and handkerchiefs with embroidery

For those of you who haven’t heard of our custom embroidery option, check it out (small drum roll)!

Embroidery is a great way to personalize your handkerchiefs or napkins, whether it’s to:

  • Give a loved one a personalized gift (for Grandma, Dad or anyone else you adore). 
  • Differentiate each family member’s zero waste essentials (it’s not your handkerchief, it’s mine! Look, it even has my name on it!)
  • Treat yourself with a personal touch (well, who says you can treat yourself with cool gifts!)

Your embroidered initials: a classic

We often see them on traditional handkerchiefs, but know that embroidered initials are all the rage on modern handkerchiefs too! And what’s really neat about TSHU embroidered initials is that you can choose the style of lettering and the colour of the embroidery thread to ensure the handkerchief is 100% to your liking (or perfectly matching something that you love!) 

This embroidery option is also available on our cloth napkins: an elegant touch at the dinner table so everyone knows whose napkin is whose!

personalized handkerchief with embroidery

Your first name or even a few sweet words…

It’s also possible to have a first name, a name or even a few tender (or funny!) words embroidered on your favourite handkerchief or napkin! Among other great ideas, we’ve seen in the past few years: “DON’T PANIC”—on a pretty white handkerchief, “VIP,” on embroidered napkins meant for guests (how classy is that!), and “Will you be our celebrant?”—on a classic handkerchief with stitching to match the theme of the wedding. 

Embroidered gift tags

They go hand in hand with reusable gift wrapping: our personalized gift tags made with sturdy organic flannel and embroidered with the name of your loved ones! Celebrate responsibly thanks to our eco-friendly gift sets :).

embroidered gift tags

Do you have any other crazy ideas? Share them with us! We love making them!

Out of sight, but close to the heart

Even though we’ll be on the road for the next few months, we hope you’ll continue to think of us at TSHU! It’s thanks to your loyalty and the kind words you share about us that we’ve been able to change the lives of fabulous people like you around the world for 8 years now.

Thanks, from the bottom of our hearts!


Co-founder, TSHU

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