A Handkerchief With Your Name on It

So simple yet, so amazing. And now, so easily attainable.

How to personalize your handkerchief?

In order to embroider your name on one of our handkerchiefs, start by picking one out. To help you choose, here are the various handkerchiefs we can work with:

We can embroider as many handkerchiefs with your name as you need, so feel free to go nuts!

Embroidery Thread Colour

When opting for our embroidery option to customize your fave hankies with your name, you can choose your thread colour! We have three suggestions for you:

  • A tone on tone thread. This means that the thread will be the same colour as the fabric we embroider. If the handkerchief features various colours, we’ll select the main colour or the background colour. For instance, in the case of the MOSHE handkerchief, the embroidered name would be white. And for GILBERT, it would be navy blue.
  • Thread matching the topstitching or rolled hem. With this option, we would embroider your name the same colour as the topstitching you see on the edge of your hanky, or it’s rolled hem. In the case of the DWIGHT hanky, your embroidered name would appear in red. As per GUILLAUME, it would be yellow.
  • Another colour. Yes, OTHER is also an option! Why? Because you can ask for anything you want. And we do have quite a few colours in stock! For example, if you’ve opted to personalize your Leonard handkerchief and you want us to embroider your name with black thread, it’s absolutely possible. Just let us know in your purchase note as you check out.

Your hanky? Your font.

In order for your embroidered handkerchief to match your style, choose amongst three fonts.

  • A sophisticated cursive font. With this font, your name will be embroidered with one majestuous CAPITAL and the rest in small letters.
  • A modern, minimalist font. If you choose this font, we can do all caps or caps + small letters. You pick. And if you’re the silent type, we’ll decide for you: all caps it is!
  • A thick, sans serif font. If you opt for this font, we recommend an all caps embroidered name! The letters will be neatly aligned and will playfully attract attention to your lovely name.

Don’t worry, we’ve included a few photos of handkerchiefs with embroidered names, so you can see the different fonts and color options before selecting what you like best.

Your hanky with name: single or double ply?

Good question! Both can be embroidered with your full name. But you should know that:

  • On a single ply handkerchief, the back of the embroidery will be visible. So, you’ll be seeing your name spelled backwards on the reverse.
  • On a two-ply handkerchief, we assemble the hanky after having embroidered it, so you won’t see the back of the embroidery when you flip it over.

Personalized baby gifts? Oh yes!

You may be considering a personalized gift for a loved one, to celebrate the birth of a child? We have the perfect one for you! Choose from our selection of organic washcloths and get it embroidered with Junior’s name. Made with cute printed organic poplin and unbleached, undyed organic bamboo terry cloth, the washcloths are practical and won’t reveal the back of the embroidery since they feature two plies of fabric. Are you doubting that you’ll find a better baby gift? Us, too! And if you still need to be convinced, know that for each gorgeous washcloth with embroidered name you buy, we’ll plant a tree.

Embroidering the right name on the right hanky

Your turn to tell us how it’s done! Of course, if you have only one handkerchief, this will go pretty quickly. Just tell us what name to embroider in your purchase note as you check out. But, if you want six handkerchiefs with six names, you’ll have to share more details. For instance:

What if you forget to tell us what to embroider where? Don’t freak out! You can simply reply to our order confirmation email after having purchased your handkerchiefs. We’ll get it and we’ll reply quickly, we promise.

Small note on super long names

If your parents have granted you with a super-super long name, we can still embroider it on the edge of your fave handkerchief BUT you might find the text harder to manipulate when you try to fold your hanky to store it back in your pocket. Before embroidering any handkerchief, we measure and design the layout. The name should be legible but not too large. If we think that your name will look huge in proportion to the handkerchief even if shrunk to its smallest size, we’ll email you to have a chat about it and show you with a photo what it would look like. Why? Because we truly want you to fall in love head over heels with your embroidered handkerchief with name and never (ever!) want to let it go.

What about wedding hankies or embroidered corporate handkerchiefs?

Ah, yes. Handkerchiefs with embroidered poems for your loved one or with a thank you note for your mother-in-law… Your brand’s logo embroidered in a corner or your dog’s lovely snout? At this time, we don’t offer this type of customization, but we’re always interested to know what your dream hanky would be. Si, if this is what you’re looking for, please email us and tell us about it! We can’t promise anything, but we’ll take the time to analyze your request and see if we can make it happen.

There you go! You know pretty much everything at this point. So what are you waiting for? Get your name embroidered on Nof, Douglas or Jasmine!


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