Free Orphans in February!

For the whole month of February, buy any item on the shop and get one free orphan handkerchief!

Say whaaaaat?

Yes, we’ve been hard at work thinking up new styles, trying out new techniques and settings on our machines… And we have quite a few orphans in stock. So, instead of letting them sleep on a shelf for months on end, we’d like you to enjoy them! Hence, the idea: one item bought -> one orphan offered.

What are orphan handkerchiefs?

Good question! Simply put, orphan handkerchiefs are all the hankies we make that don’t make it through quality control. 

What this means is that the handkerchiefs are slightly imperfect and we don’t feel comfortable selling them as is. 

Now, what do we consider to be imperfect? Well, there are many problems that can occur during production:

  • The hanky’s not the right size
  • The hanky’s crooked
  • The handkerchief has a stain (from the printing process, or thanks to a flying pen or marker)
  • The stitching is not even
  • A thread has been pulled and has left a mark
  • The printed pattern has a defect
  • The handkerchief is cool, but we don’t sell it on the shop (sample)

Whatever the imperfection, the handkerchiefs are all brand new (they are not returns!) and can all serve their purpose.

Is there a maximum?

No max. Are you considering adopting 50 handkerchiefs? Make sure you have enough space, we’ll ship you 50 orphans.

Why so many orphans?

The true story revealed right here, if you’re curious.

Psssssst… You can also check out our cloth napkin orphans, reusable washcloths & hanky holders available for purchase right here! Not free – but close 🙂

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