What to look for in a Handkerchief?

So you’re flirting with the idea of swapping paper tissues for handkerchiefs. Cool. Now, it’s time to get serious! By learning all about the various hanky characteristics to consider, you’ll maximize your chances of adopting the handkerchief best suited to your needs and taste. Let us guide you through the process.

Handkerchief materials

Perhaps you were thinking that hankies only exist in plain white cotton? Guess again! There are a variety of hanky fabrics to choose from with each, various advantages you’ll want to know about. For instance, cotton handkerchiefs come in sateen, lawn, poplin and flannel. And cotton, unlike linen, doesn’t require much care such as ironing.  

Handkerchief styles

Now once you’ve narrowed down the kind of fabric you’d most enjoy, you’ll want to explore the various styles of hankies available out there! Polka dots, solid colours, funky patterns, unique designs, stripes, emojis, Japanese prints and way more… The choice is yours! 

It’s a question of thickness

When it comes to handkerchief thickness, it’s really a question of taste. Some like them ultra thin, some like them rather thick. Thankfully, there is a variety of handkerchief thicknesses to choose from: ultra thin, thin, standard, thick and very thick!

It’s all about absorbency, baby

Of course, thickness has an impact on absorbency, but so does the composition of your hanky. For instance, a single-ply flannel handkerchief will absorb more fluids than a two-ply cotton lawn hanky. Learn all about handkerchief absorbency and figure out what the perfect balance is for you. Yes, we’re confident. There is a dream cloth handkerchief out there tailor-made for your needs.

Did someone say personalization?

So, you’ve found your dream handkerchief? Now, time to make sure it remains yours and yours only. And what better to personalize your hanky with custom embroidery? Choose from various options, including a discrete monogram or your full name embroidered in bold letters, to name only those two.

Let’s talk about hankies (more, please!)

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