Introducing CLARK: a thick, soft, soft cotton flannel handkerchief.

This week, I wanted to tell you about a new material—and a new handkerchief—that might just get you completely hooked. 

It’s called CLARK and it’s an elegant, ultra-soft handkerchief with an understated herringbone pattern. This beautiful kerchief is made with a material that I recently discovered and fell head over heels in love with. Why so? Because this cotton flannel is simply exceptional. 

Indeed, it’s

  • Very thick
  • Incredibly soft
  • Made to last

I offer you this little marvel of fabric in two colours: blue jeans and shades of grey.


All the details revealed

Can you feel your heart racing? I totally get it! Here are all the little details that make this handkerchief a wonderful accessory to soften your everyday life.

Clark—Blue Denim Flannel Handkerchief

The blue version of our soft handkerchief is made from the softest, thickest cotton flannel. It features a subtle herringbone pattern in shades of blue and white, giving it a denim look. The handkerchief is framed by a tightly rolled navy blue finish with white stitching, echoing the details of its elegant pattern. To ensure the durability of the handkerchief, I took care to manually insert the rolled finish in each corner with a small needle so that the handkerchief would not come undone over time. If you want to see this little trick, I invite you to watch this little video that shows the love and multiple steps required to make this type of handkerchief!

Clark—soft grey flannel version

Our grey Clark handkerchief looks similar to its blue denim version, but the cotton flannel used to make it is black and white, giving it a grey tint that reminds us of elegant men’s suits. The handkerchief is finished with a black rolled hem and white stitching—an echo of the herringbone pattern it features.

Who is Clark?

Like all our reusable tissues, this one has a unique story. So why did I name him Clark? In honour of Clark Gable, an American actor who made film history, especially for his performance in “Gone with the Wind.” And what is the link with our beautiful handkerchief, you might ask? Gable’s style! Indeed, Clark Gable is one of the artists who wore the herringbone pattern so well.


Proposed handkerchief size

I offer this beautiful handkerchief in our standard size, which is our most popular handkerchief size to date. Each Clark flannel handkerchief measures 28 × 28 cm.

How do I wash this flannel handkerchief?

To ensure that the Clark handkerchief stays looking great, I recommend that you machine wash it at 30 degrees Celsius and hang it to dry. Avoid the dryer if you can, as it wears out the fabric unnecessarily (on top of wasting a lot of energy!)

Herringbone and trees

Like every handkerchief adopted from TSHU, Clark makes no exception! When you take him home, TSHU commits to planting a tree to enhance the impact of your actions. So you reduce your environmental footprint by blowing your nose in the world’s softest flannel—which helps save trees—and we plant one more.


Now that you know Clark and his story, do you think it’s possible to live without him? No, huh? Neither can I. So without further ado, I invite you to select yours below and take him home.

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    CLARK – Luxurious Grey Flannel Handkerchief
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    CLARK – Luxurious Blue Flannel Handkerchief
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