It’s on for 5 months of adventure!

It’s the beginning of a great adventure: we left France 48 hours ago and we’re starting our long journey to come home.

All our belongings will follow by boat and we will settle down and reopen the workshop in the month of August 2022. But don’t worry, we’ve been planning this big trip for months and I have been sewing almost day and night since then, so that I’ll have enough handkerchiefs with me to continue to fulfill your orders during our journey!

The only thing we won’t be able to offer you between now and late summer is custom embroidery. However, if you have special events planned for the fall, you can pre-order your embroidered handkerchiefs now and we’ll tackle your order as soon as the workshop reopens on August 15th, on a first come, first-served basis! 

How do pre-orders work?

1. Choose the embroidery option you want

It’s easy, pick the option you prefer by choosing from the following options:

embroidered handkerchiefs on backorder

2. Select your preferences

Then choose your preferred options (font, thread colour), as well as the quantity of hankies, napkins or gift tags to embroider. 

3. Add to your cart

As you add the options to your cart, you will see the little note advising you that your order will be shipped starting August 20th. If you have any concerns about the timing, don’t hesitate to write to us so we can discuss it together. After all, I LOVE to make miracles happen.

backorder embroidered handkerchiefs

4. Don’t forget to choose the handkerchiefs or towels to embroider!

Before completing your order, don’t forget to add to your cart the handkerchiefs or napkins you wish to personalize.

5. Tell us what to embroider

At the end of the process, at the checkout stage after you have filled in your information, you will see a little red box where you can give us your instructions. Feel free to tell us what letters or words to embroider—as well as give us more info on any special needs in terms of timing or preferences. I read all your messages carefully!

How does delivery work?

If you’ve ordered only embroidered items, your order will be shipped on a first-come, first-served basis starting August 20. I will send you a note mid-August to let you know what to expect in terms of delivery time—especially if I anticipate shipping your order after August 20th.

However, if your order has other non-embroidered items that you would like to receive sooner, I can ship these sooner at no extra charge!

Thank you soooo much for supporting us in this crazy adventure! As always, I’m available to answer any questions you may have or to discuss your project for a greener life. I’m all ears, don’t hesitate!


backorder - personalized handkerchiefs with embroidery

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