It’s that special time of year again… Our reusable gift tags are back and we’re introducing you to our Etsy shop + something new for the holidays!

Last year, we launched personalized reusable gift tags that were a total hit! These are the perfect option to personalize gift wrapping for your loved ones without creating waste, since the tags are made from thick, sturdy flannel scraps and are carefully embroidered to display your loved ones’ names (or a message, go wild!) Are you curious to learn more? Let me tell you about them.

A reusable cloth gift tag

Our beautiful and washable gift tags are made of soft, sturdy and durable organic cotton flannel. You can choose between two colors: off-white (natural) or pure white.

Because the tags are lined, you can’t see the backing of the embroidery and they stay in place nicely, since they are not too soft or too thin.

Each tag measures 15 × 7 cm and has a small gold or silver eyelet, through which you can thread a ribbon or string to attach it to your gift wrapping.

Embroider your labels

Embroider any names on the tags

You can have a different name embroidered on each tag your purchase. Oh yes, even if you choose our sets of 2 to 10 tags to save money. You got it: with our set of 7 tags for instance, you can ask for 7 different names.

Choose your colors

Just let me know which names to embroider on the tags and tell me if you have a preference for thread color. By default, the rolled hem on the labels is red and so is the embroidery thread, but these can be customized to your liking. For example, you could request a green roll finish with the embroidered name in white. Or a blue finish with a matching first name. Get creative!

Pick a font that you like

By default, I embroider the names with a cursive font, but if you prefer something else, just ask! Here are your options:

What about gift wrapping?

We also offer several types of reusable gift wrapping, called furoshikis. These are available in four convenient sizes:

  • Small (35 × 35 cm)
  • Medium (50 × 50 cm)
  • Large (80 × 80 cm)
  • Extra large (120 × 120 cm)

If you can’t find the right size on our shop, don’t hesitate to let me know… I can totally make some larger—or smaller ones if you need them.

Less eco-friendly, more budget-friendly!

For those of you not quite ready to invest in reusable gift wrapping, know that for a small extra, we offer gift wrapping with red tissue paper and a TSHU sticker. Just add the option to your cart at checkout!

Two shops = lots of options

Did you know that in addition to the online shop, TSHU also has an Etsy shop! On this one, you’ll find the few timeless patterns you know and love, but also oldies but goodies that are no longer offered on our website, like RUTH, JEAN, JOSEPH and TORO—and a selection of styles that were specially made for our Etsy fans, like our large emerald green ESMERALDA handkerchief and our pretty magenta DAHLIA  handkerchief!

Special requests

Do you have any special requests for the holidays: a new product, a custom handkerchief, a deadline to meet or a little note to send with your gift to a loved one? I am here! Feel free to email me, visit Facebook or Instagram. I will respond to all your messages within 24 to 48 hours maximum!

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