Learning about the handkerchief – theirs, ours and perhaps eventually, yours!

Learning about the handkerchief—theirs, ours and perhaps eventually, yours!

We’ve gathered quite a bit of info on handkerchiefs to help you make the switch from paper to cotton.

Adopting hankies, step by step

First, we tell you how the hanky distinguishes itself from a pocket square. We also sneak in a short history of the handkerchief so you can show off about your new eco-friendly habit.

Then, you’ll probably be curious to learn what handkerchiefs are made of so you can pick the perfect one for your needs. With that in mind, we bet you’ll enjoy discovering what the best handkerchief is for blowing YOUR nose.

We also explain how to use a handkerchief, so you don’t end up intimidated by your brand new handkerchief.

Oh—and of course, how many hankies you need to build your very own hanky army and eliminate paper tissues once and for all.

Once you’ve adopted a handkerchief, you might want to know how to wash your hanky when it looks like an oyster park.

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