Making a handkerchief

You may be the kind of person who likes to be in the “know”. So are we. So it’s only natural to tell you where our handkerchiefs come from—and give you a look inside the craftsmanship behind the comfort. 

Ethically made

Although it’s not always a guarantee, ethical making is usually a pretty good indicator of the quality of the handkerchief you’re gonna get. Here at TSHU, our handkerchief are ethically made—with care—and a smile (really). How do we know for sure? We’re a small family business and we test/use/make/wrap/ship all hankies ourselves.


So who are the makers of TSHU handkerchiefs? Our brand was founded by Thomas and Marion—partners in crime for the past decade and true fans of crazy challenges. Their goal? To create handkerchiefs so lovely and incredible to the touch, that no one could resist swapping paper tissues for them. Today, Marion makes all the handkerchiefs herself (sometimes with the help of her friends) and she strives to make them better every day.


A simple square of fabric, a piece of cloth, a snot rag—as some may call it —might seem super simple to make. Guess again! A high quality accessory distinguishes itself thanks to the care and love put into the handkerchief. What does this mean? It means choosing the right fabric. Pre-washing it and testing it. Finding the best way to assemble it. Making it last longer. Carefully putting the finishing touches. And much, much more….

Making decisions about handkerchiefs:

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