Meeting all our Handkerchiefs, to find your dream hanky

If you’re just browsing, you can check out all our handkerchiefs—or, if you’re into organic fabric, you can head directly to our organic cotton handkerchiefs. If you’re considering opting for a handkerchief that’s yours and yours only, we also have some cool personalized handkerchiefs—with initials or even, your full name.

Now, if you have something specific in mind … such as

Your handkerchief’s thickness

The Absorbency of your hanky

Its Size

  • A small hanky
  • A standard handkerchief
  • A large handkerchief
  • An extra-large hanky

Its Colour

  • A white handkerchief
  • A black hanky
  • A blue handkerchief
  • A red hanky
  • A yellow handkerchief
  • A pink hanky
  • A purple handkerchief
  • A green hanky
  • A beige handkerchief
  • And more….

Or if you have a specific pattern in mind

  • A spotted handkerchief
  • A skull handkerchief
  • A camouflage handkerchief
  • And many more….

Have you met our hanky family?

Here at TSHU, we put a lot of thought in making our hankies and we like each handkerchief to tell a story.

We invite you to meet the whole family, including:

Meet….Single ply handkerchiefsDouble Ply handkerchiefs
ALFRED— starred copper handkerchief, lined with white sateen
ANNA— a beige handkerchief lined with natural sateen
ANNE— a small ivory poplin hanky with birds
ANDY— yellow and blue camouflage handkerchief lined with blue cotton lawn
BLAISE— ivory poplin handkerchief with abacus pattern
CHARLES— large handkerchief, available in white, blue or green cotton sateen
DOUGLAS— handkerchief with unique planes pattern lined with white sateen
DWIGHT— white handkerchief with red topstitching
EDITH— pink handkerchief (single ply), lined with natural sateen (double ply)
ELVIS— Paisley handkerchief (single ply), lined with organic white cotton (double ply)
ENZO— yellow handkerchief with silkscreened dog pattern
EUGENE— thin blue cotton lawn handkerchief (single ply), doubled up with the same fabric (double ply)
GECKO— handkerchief with unique gecko pattern lined with white sateen
GERMAINE— floral handkerchief lined with white sateen
GILBERT— white spotted handkerchief on navy organic cotton (single ply), lined with white sateen (double ply)
GUILLAUME— striped handkerchief, lined with black sateen
HANK— natural organic handkerchiefs, with colourful hems (available in a set of 3 or 6)
HARRY— a lightweight ivory hanky

IAN— a super slim camo hanky featuring shades of green, pink and orange
JACK— a gorgeous magenta hanky with penguins and zebras, lined with black sateen.
JACQUELINE— a salmon-pink hanky with navy hem (can you guess who inspired it?)
JAMES— thick white handkerchief
JASMINE— a soft, girly handkerchief with triangles
JOSEPH— a white handkerchief with English embroidery lined with white sateen
JEAN-BAPTISTE— a turquoise handkerchief with Japanese print lined with natural sateen
KEN— a red and white handkerchief with snowflakes lined with white cotton
KURT— an ultra-soft flannel handkerchief, available in natural, white and black!
LILI— a sunny yellow handkerchief (single ply), lined with natural organic cotton sateen (double ply)
LOU— a silk handkerchief with artistic unique pattern lined with white organic cotton sateen
LOUISE— navy handkerchief (single ply), lined with white sateen (double ply)
LUCILE— a green and white hanky with snowflakes lined with white organic cotton
MARCUS— a blue and white handkerchief with Japanese-inspired scales pattern, lined with white cotton
MATILDA— the perfect bookworm handkerchief, with unique print and lined with white sateen
NOF— black handkerchief
POCAHONTAS— a small handkerchief with feathers
SAMUEL— grey handkerchief (single ply), lined with white organic cotton (double ply)
SCARLET— a bold red handkerchief
SHIRLEY— a small colourful spotted hanky
SIMBA— a purple handkerchief with jungle patterns lined with black sateen
VANESSA— a bold green handkerchief with emojis and candy

Making your own dream handkerchief come true…

If you have something precise in mind, we love to make dreams come true, which is why we offer the option of purchasing a fully customized handkerchief, in single or double ply.

The more, the merrier!

If you want to kickoff your new habit with an OOMPH, or if you’ve tested and adopted TSHU hankies, you may be interested in purchasing handkerchief sets—which are more economical than single hankies!

Discover our various assortments, including:

Carrying with care

And to carry your hanky? We make handkerchief holders—which will help you keep your hanky clean—and your pockets-handbag-briefcase too. 

  • Meet CASEY—a natural canvas hanky holder, also available in organic dark denim.
  • Meet THIERRY—a luxurious leather case for that super-special handkerchief

And last but not least, orphan handkerchiefs

If you’re considering the cloth handkerchief but you’re not quite ready to commit to the expense, you might enjoy our selection of orphan handkerchiefs. Slightly defective, these are available at a small, symbolic price.

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