Mini, indeed!

_”Now that you’ve launched handkerchiefs, surely you’re planning to branch out into bow ties, right?”

(Ah, the question everyone asks.)


_”No, not really. Our handkerchiefs aren’t strictly pocket squares for show—they’re actually real, practical handkerchiefs for the blow. You can wear them, use them, get them dirty—little to do with bow ties and suspenders, as you can see!”

(Case closed.)


Mini Mini Mini

It’s pretty clear to understand why TSHU—albeit fashionable—has never been about creating accessories solely for aesthetics. Our products are meant to have meaningful impact, like promoting responsible consumption.

But, despite our best intentions in wanting to extend our brand, turns out that creating products that look as good as they are useful isn’t as easy as it looks.

Thankfully, we didn’t need to look too far to stumble upon our next (great) idea—it was lurking right under our noses (literally). We realized our loyal TSHUpers weren’t the only ones using our hankies—their kids were too! Clearly, our son Olivier wasn’t the only little angel to have fallen in love.

Already two years since we first launched and, ever since, parents keep telling us how TSHUs have not only helped manage snot attacks, but also become comforting friends. Some little ones have even adopted their TSHUs as blankies!

And so, after months of careful preparation, we’re excited to finally introduce you to our new baby: the mini-TSHU. It’s everything you love about our classic handkerchief, but specially designed with your children in mind.



Tell us more!

Designed for kids? Absolutely! For starters, the mini-TSHU is just as stylish as its older brother, the TSHU, but with a youthful touch. The mini-TSHU is also smaller, packing a punch with its 20 cm by 20 cm. But the real seller—the key difference—is its super soft, unbleached, undyed bamboo terry cloth lining (imagine the softest bath towel you’ve ever laid hands on). The handkerchief-meets-washcloth—charming, useful, ethically-made and eco-friendly!


Mini-TSHU A to Z

The question begs to be asked: how do you use our hankie for children? Don’t be shy, seriously! Blow their noses (through which certainly passes a steady flow of mucus all year long)! The mini-TSHU might be small but it is no less absorbent—twice as much, actually! It can be used dry to wipe noses, eyes and chins, or moistened to rub rosy cheeks and sticky hands clean. It’s ideal for dabbing excess saliva from teething babies, or even for cleaning up after messy snacks.

Say goodbye to overpacking each and every time you leave the house. A mini-TSHU replaces disposable wipes, washcloths, paper tissues and towels. Fit to handle life’s daily messes, mini-TSHUs are fun, practical, and all-around go-tos for parents!



Sometimes, children tell us silly stories: “Daddy, today I saw a purple pig riding on the metro next to me!”. But sometimes, stories told by children—brave children—have the power to change the world and inspire adults. We wanted to honour those stories.

Each mini-TSHU proudly sports the name of a child that has left a mark on the world—Anne Frank, Jeanne d’Arc, Malala Yousafzai, Samantha Smith, Hector Pieterson and many more—as a way to teach our children to seeing beyond the end of their noses!

And there you have it. Everything you need to know about our brand new mini-TSHU. So, if you’re interested in trying our first batch, hurry up—they’ll sell like hotcakes!


A mini for me, please!

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