New on the shop: our embroidered customized gift tags

This year, for the holidays, we are offering beautiful personalized fabric labels to accompany your gifts to loved ones!

Made of certified organic cotton flannel, our fabric tags can be 100% personalized. And they’re a nice eco-friendly alternative to custom sticker labels!

A Colourful Rolled Hem

By default, our personalized labels have a red rolled hem. However, you can choose the colour of thread that we will use to make your personalized gift tags. There are no constraints—as long as we have the thread colour you want in stock. 

So if you want one label with green thread, a second with red thread and a third with blue thread, there is no problem. We will be happy to make as many different personalized gift tags as you want!

To give you an idea of the possibilities, here is a photo of our stock of thread used to make the rolled hem. Don’t hesitate to write to us if you have any questions or special requests!

A Hand-Embroidered Name

Our embroidered gift tags are all handmade with great care in our small family workshop. For the embroidery, you have the choice of font and thread colour.

embroidered gift tags

With the Font of Your Choice

broderie personnalisée bold
broderie personnalisée cursive
broderie personnalisée moderne

By default, we use a cursive font. But, if you prefer a more modern look, it is possible! Simply contact us and ask.

In the Colour You Like

By default, we embroider our gift tags with red thread, so that it matches the rolled hem. But, if you want a name in another colour or if you have opted for a rolled finish in another colour, we can make the embroidery in another colour, no problem! In fact, we have many choices of thread colours for the embroidery!

personalized embroidery thread

A Metallic Eyelet of Your Choice

By default, we use gold eyelets. But we also have silver eyelets in stock. If you think your personalized gift tag would look better with a silver eyelet, don’t hesitate to tell us. It’s true that depending on the colour of the thread you choose, it could be prettier!

A Quantity That Suits You

There is no minimum order! We offer a discount that increases with the number of tags you order—but the great thing is that they don’t have to be identical. If you order eight labels and get the volume discount, you can request eight different embroidered names in eight different colours! No problem!

A matching reusable gift wrap?

For a zero-waste holiday, consider checking out our beautiful furoshiki! Available in four convenient sizes, these reusable fabric gift wraps will look great with your new embroidered gift tags.

red furoshiki gift wrapping
ginkgo reusable gift wrapping
furoshiki japonais
gift wrapping cloth fabric turquoise
reusable gift wrap blue
emballage cadeau réutilisable
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