New Handkerchief Designs by Bleu Tango!

Hanky lovers, check out these bright colours, dazzling fabrics and adorable patterns… And get ready to fall in love, head over heels. Yes, the new collection by Bleu Tango is finally here!

Check out the various new handkerchief styles and hurry and grab your favourites… Since these new beauties are made with reclaimed fabric, designed by the incredibly talented Lou at Bleu Tango, they are available in limited editions. Once they’re gone, they’re gone for good!

4 new lovable styles

Four new handkerchiefs that will make anyone melt, four new patterns you’ll adore. Check it out.


purple handkerchief with jungle pattern
A purple handkerchief with a jungle pattern, featuring vibrant, sensual foliage. Doubled up with black organic cotton sateen and enhanced with orange topstitching, it’s a bold yet discreet combo, all at once.


unique handkerchief with books
A unique handkerchief featuring a collection of colourful books. The hanky is doubled up with white organic sateen and red topstitching decorates its sides. For avid readers, bookworms or parents full of hope, let inspiration seep in, as you blow your nose!


cute handkerchief with gecko print
As you may have guessed from its name, the Gecko handkerchief boasts a quaint, unique pattern. Dozens of tiny colourful geckos decorate its front face. Full of life, movement and colour, this joyful handkerchief is also doubled up with white cotton… A hanky that will make you smile, all the way down to the sides, what with its multicolour, fluorescent topstitching!


winter handkerchief
Agaguk… The winter handkerchief by excellence! Its cool, icy pattern reminds us of the Far North, with immense glaciers, ocean liners and tiny people. A hanky to make winter lovers melt… And perhaps even convince haters to embrace cold weather! This one’s doubled up with white sateen and features delicate, yellow topstitching.

Don’t forget the veterans…

Yep, they’re still here! For those who haven’t met them, the Jack and Douglas hankies are offered in two sizes: one for adults, and one for babies or toddlers (the mini-TSHUs).


The JACK Handkerchief (for Mom)

pink handkerchief with animal pattern
With its deep pink hue, the Jack hanky is decorated with tiny, super-cute penguins and zebras. Doubled up with black sateen, its orange topstitching matches the tiny little paws of the penguins!

The JACK Washcloth (for mini-Mom)

pink washcloth with penguins and zebras
Featuring the same adorable pattern as her mom, the JACK mini-TSHU is a thick bamboo washcloth, with an unbleached, undyed organic terry cloth face. Nothing better and softer to scrub your little munchkin’s cheeks, nose or hands!


The Douglas Cotton Hanky (dad’s hanky)

Blue handkerchief with gorgeous airplane pattern
Ah, Douglas. Rainbow coloured airplanes in a blue sky that will make all adventurer lovers squeal with delight! Doubled up with white sateen (organic), the light blue topstitching contours it with finesse.

The reusable Douggie (dad’s son’s version)

blue washcloth with airplanes
Just like his dad, mini-Douglas is full of colourful airplanes. Its other face, though, is just like that of other mini-TSHUs: a 100% organic certified bamboo terry cloth, that can be moistened to scrub sticky cheeks and hands after a sweet snack.

Curious to meet them up close? Right this way please!

new handkerchiefs by Bleu Tango
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