New on the shop: cloth diaper wipes!

You’ve been asking for them and they’re finally here: super soft and super easy to wash reusable baby wipes! A little bonus: they come in a super cute format that allows you to avoid getting *it* all over your fingers (you’re welcome!).

Switching from disposable to reusable diaper wipes

Choosing to use cloth diaper wipes to change your baby’s diaper is a choice that can overall help you save a lot of disposable cotton pads or wipes! And it’s a smaller commitment than switching to cloth diapers. Of course, you can do both—but like all changes you make to your lifestyle, it can seem complicated at first so it’s best to start one small step at a time and find what works for you.

Double standards?

An interesting way to smoothly integrate cloth diaper wipes in your life is to use them only at home initially—and have a box of disposable wet wipes handy for when you go out. With my fourth son, I did this with cloth nappies—as over time they became less absorbent and I found the mental load that came with preparing for an outing ridiculous. You can definitely do the same with cloth diaper wipes.

Seeking balance

Changing your habits should bring you pleasure and satisfaction—not guilt or worries! So it’s so important to find your own balance as you introduce something new. For me, using cloth diaper wipes is not a huge commitment because I find them to be much more pleasant to use. They are easier to handle than their disposable alternatives—and truthfully, I actually find that wet wipes are too thin (you always get *some* on your fingers!) and disposable cotton pads stick to one another and leave annoying little residues. Nothing dramatic—I do use them when we go out—but at home, I find it much more pleasant to use cloth diaper wipes!

reusable diaper wipes

Softness, softness and more softness

For our cloth diaper wipes to be truly irresistible, we wanted them to be super, super soft! So for months, we searched and tested different materials (thank you Larry for playing along!). We ended up falling in love with terry cloth made of oeko tex certified cotton and bamboo which frankly—has nothing to do with the terry cloths we had previously known! It is so soft that we almost kept it all to ourselves… And trust us, we had to negotiate very hard with our little tornado to get him to accept that we would make wipes for (gasp) other children with it. 

Reusable baby wipes that are gentle on everyday life

Being gentle with your baby goes without saying… But it’s also important to be gentle with yourself! As a truly-not-very-domestic-human-being, the less homemaking I have on a daily basis, the happier I am! So I wanted to offer you the same luxury: no special care involved in washing your cloth diaper wipes. 

Washing your cloth diaper wipes

When the reusable baby wipes are dirty, I rinse them under the tap and rub them quickly with a little Marseille soap to remove most of *it*. This also prevents the cloth wipes from getting stained! Then I wash them with the bath towels and handkerchiefs at 30 degrees. When my little Larry wore cloth nappies, I washed the wipes with his nappies, though (one theme per wash, makes sense!)

And drying them, too

Once the cloth diaper wipes come out of the washing machine, I lay them directly on the drying rack where they dry pretty quickly in open air. So simple, yet so efficient 🙂

reusable baby wipes

A cute and practical format

Personally, I don’t like to tackle a diaper change with a large washcloth, as I find that folding and refolding them never works out and I end up getting *it* all over my fingers. In terms of disposable options, I find small cotton squares aren’t bad—but a bit too small. So I created a cloth diaper wipe that measures 15 × 15 cm and gives your baby’s bottom a good clean. I can use up to two or three wipes at a time, but I prefer that to getting my hands dirty! 

That being said, it’s possible to rinse and wash the cloth wipe with a bit of soap and reuse it immediately. Even if I don’t do it, it’s actually quite commonly done :).

How to use this fantastic cloth diaper wipe

There are probably several ways to use the cloth diaper wipe for diaper change, but I like to stick with what I know: either use them dry with liniment, or wet with warm water and Marseille soap.

Dry cloth diaper wipe with liniment 

This is probably the easiest option if you are not set up to change your baby’s diaper next to a sink. Just pour some liniment (bought or made yourself) on the wipe and clean your baby’s bottom. If you don’t have access to water, you’ll probably need a few wipes to complete the task—so be sure to have a few wipes on hand!

Wet reusable baby wipe with soap 

When Larry was a toddler, I had a second changing table in the bathroom with a basket of clean cloth diapers and a second one for dirty nappies and wipes. This enabled me to use the wipes with soap and water and rinse and wash them all in one place. Having these in a separate place also helped keep the baby’s room smelling good!

eco friendly washable baby wipes

Choosing your favourite style of cloth wipe

To kick off this new collection, we created two styles of cloth diaper pads: the first with light blue terry cloth and the second with pale pink terry cloth. We don’t have a million different colours to choose from, but the fabric was so lovely that we preferred making ultra-soft wipes, rather than crazy colourful cotton wipes, offering less comfort to your beloved little baby. 

So, to give our cloth diaper wipes a bit of oomph, we lined the terry cloth with super-cute cotton, and created the styles you know and love: JEANNE, JASMINE, NAMI and TORO.

Give an original handmade baby gift

If you’re thinking of gifting our adorable baby wipes to new parents, you should know that we’re now offering super-cute eco-baby gift sets—which include an assortment of 6 cloth diaper wipes, 2 bamboo washcloths for bathing or feeding and 2 small matching handkerchiefs. 

So, are you ready to integrate cloth diaper wipes in your life? I’m right here if you have any questions before you make the leap! Just send me a message :).

eco friendly baby gift set

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