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As you may know, TSHU was born with the desire to bring the handkerchief back in style—and with it, great lifestyle habits that help save trees. Today, TSHU also offers other zero waste products. Discover our complete selection and start living a waste-free life today!

Bamboo Washcloths

Halfway between a washcloth and a handkerchief, we created the mini-TSHU—which is the perfect handkerchief for children. It can be used dry, to blow the nose—or wet, to scrub messy cheeks or hands. 100% organic, the mini-TSHU is a small accessory (8 x 8 inches) that can be carried around everywhere—featuring two plies of fabric: lovely printed organic cotton poplin on the front, doubled up with organic unbleached, undyed bamboo terry cloth in the back. Nothing but the best for your little ones!

Cloth Napkins

Bring your zero waste habits right up to the dining table! TSHU’s got a great selection of cloth napkins to help reduce waste. Choose between cotton napkins with gorgeous patterns—or elegant, chic blue or grey linen napkins.

Designer Collaborations

Just to make sure you’ll fall head over heels in love with our handkerchiefs, we like to collaborate with talented designers to bring you exciting new patterns. Shop our collaboration section and discover our fabulous limited edition hankies!

Handkerchief Holders

For optimal hygiene, we recommend carrying your handkerchief around in a practical little case. Why? Well, this fantastic hanky holder will ensure your handkerchief stays pristine, while keeping your fluids from contaminating your belongings. Win-win, no?

Handkerchief Sets

Because one handkerchief is simply put—not enough, we’ve put together some beautiful handkerchief sets for you to take home, or give as a gift. The best part? These come at a discounted rate. The more you purchase, the more you save!


You’ve guessed it—our core business is handkerchiefs. And every day, we dream up new ways to create unique, super practical, absolutely fantastic handkerchiefs. And we’re pretty convinced that we’ve got something you’ll adore: single ply hankies, thick handkerchiefs, organic handkerchiefs, ladies’ handkerchiefs, mens handkerchiefs, cool handkerchiefs, cotton handkerchiefs—you’ve thought of it? So have we. And if not, be sure to let us know!

Organic Cotton Handkerchiefs

Gradually, we’ve been migrating our classic collection from “standard” cotton sateen to organic fabric. Why? Well, for one—because it’s that much more eco-friendly, but also because it’s better for your skin—and better quality. See all our organic hankies chilling together right here in this section!

Zero Waste Shop

With time, our zero waste habits have grown and we’ve replaced many disposable products with great zero waste swaps. Wanting to share this with our TSHU fans, we’ve put together a zero waste shop within our handkerchief store, so you can enjoy these great essentials too. If you’ve got love for other must-haves, please share your great finds with us! We’re always on the lookout for new amazing brands & products to discover.

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