Handkerchief Sets

Simply put, one is not enough! You’ll eventually need to give your hanky a good clean and because we don’t want you to panic on laundry day, we’ve concocted fabulous handkerchief sets for you. On the upside, these also come in handy for a thousand other reasons. [read more…]

Looking for the perfect gift? Want to try out our hankies but not sure what to choose? Love the handkerchiefs but would rather we select the styles for you? Simply looking for a great deal? Whatever the reason, the bottom line is one is not enough! We’ve selected some of our most popular styles and are offering them in handkerchief sets to match your budget – with an additional discount!

A Handkerchief Set for Every Taste

5 Slim Hankies

Discover our set of five handkerchiefs. Five slim, single ply hankies for every day use.

4 Thick Handkerchiefs

This set of four double ply handkerchiefs is one of TSHU’s best sellers!

3 Mens Cotton Handkerchiefs Pack

A little bit of this, a little bit of that. Try three different types of handkerchiefs with this awesome black & white set.

3 Ladies Handkerchiefs

Fan of bold patterns and funky colours? This one’s for you.

3 or 6 Organic Hankies

Totally natural, 100% Cotton, with a touch of colour – these lovely babies are sure to please. Meet Hank, our adorable organic cotton handkerchiefs, available in packs of 3 or 6 hankies.

For the Indecisive: a Surprise Pack of Handkerchiefs

If you’re shopping for a gift or if you’re not sure where to start, a good way to go is to opt for 10 surprise handkerchiefs. Feel free to send us some pointers and we’ll make sure you get a lovely assortment. Oh! And if you’re shopping for new parents or a child, we also do the surprise assortment in mini-TSHUs!

Cheap handkerchiefs, too!

Our orphan handkerchiefs are also offered in a set of five. These are a great option if you’re looking for handkerchiefs but are on a tight budget. Since we hate waste, we save all “imperfect” hankies and bundle them up at a reduced rate.

A Discounted Rate on Your Handkerchief Lot

Yup – all our handkerchief sets are offered at a reduced rate. So… What are you waiting for?


Have any questions? Don’t hesitate! We’re a phone call or an email away and we’ll be more than happy to answer any inquiries – or even help you come up with the perfect assortment for you or that special someone.

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