Handkerchief Sets

Simply put, one is not enough! You’ll eventually need to give your hanky a good clean and because we don’t want you to panic on laundry day, we’ve concocted fabulous handkerchief sets for you. On the upside, these also come in handy for a thousand other reasons. [read more…]

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  • hank handkerchiefs organic cotton

    HANK – Organic Cotton Handkerchiefs

    Sale! 19,17$93,45$
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  • THE ORPHANS – Handkerchiefs / Washcloths / Cloth Napkins / Cases

    Sale! 11,98$33,54$
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  • four absorbent handkerchiefs

    Pack of 4 super absorbent cotton hankies

    Sale! 117,41$ 109,02$
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  • surprise assortment handkerchiefs

    SURPRISE! Handkerchief Set

    Sale! 69,48$201,27$
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  • 5 handkerchiefs

    Assortment of 5 pretty & absorbent handkerchiefs

    Sale! 115,01$ 106,62$
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  • mens handkerchiefs

    Mens Handkerchiefs Assortment

    Sale! 75,47$ 67,09$
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  • ladies handkerchiefs

    Ladies handkerchiefs Assortment

    Sale! 76,67$ 69,48$
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  • surprise pack of hankies

    SURPRISE! Assortment of mini-TSHU organic washcloths

    Sale! 69,48$215,64$
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  • pack of 5 handkerchiefsOut of stock

    Discovery Pack of Handkerchiefs

    Sale! 128,19$ 105,43$
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Showing all 9 results