Designer Collaborations

Because sometimes, we fall in love with other designers’ work, we’ve decided to partner up with talented designers to create limited-edition designer collaborations. The result? Gorgeous handkerchiefs with unique patterns and finishing accents. Grab yours before we run out! [more]

A designer handkerchief? Oui oui !

So in some cases, we create handkerchiefs that are the result of a collaboration with a talented designer. The designer either supply the concept, the fabric or the artwork—and a new hanky is born—beautiful and unique.

Bleu Tango, Paris.

Bleu Tango is a fabulous brand, located in Paris, France. We absolutely heart their work, which is the result of Lou’s bubbling creativity. Her aquarelles are featured as unique, intricate patterns on their line of clothing, yielding unusual pieces with an organic, human touch—and a story to back each piece of art she creates. We love Lou’s ideas, talent, and work and that’s why we were delighted to collaborate with her to create designer handkerchiefs. What’s more, since Bleu Tango shares with us pieces of fabrics that are leftover from previous collections, we’ve managed to save precious fabric from going to waste, to create lovely handkerchiefs, in limited editions. Eco-friendly, stylish & made with love? We just couldn’t resist.

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