TSHU Handkerchiefs are made to last. They’re made from high-quality materials and are sown with love, in ethical conditions here in Provence or in Montreal. But they’re not only elegant, they’re also committed! Yes sir, when you adopt a TSHU Handkerchief, we plant a tree. [read more…]

Tshu, from head to toe.

To buy is to vote. And when you vote for TSHU, you’re choosing to adopt a lovely, useful, responsible and sustainable handkerchief. Now that you know, let’s dig into the detail: what makes each TSHU hanky so unique!

Our cotton handkerchiefs feature a variety of beautiful patterns!

Many of our cotton handkerchiefs boast gorgeous patterns, to help cover up… Well, whatever you need to conceal! Ingenious, huh? Whether you enjoy a classic look (like Gilbert) or prefer a cool handkerchief (like Ian), we’ve created a hanky for every style and mood.

Certified Organic Handkerchiefs

Eco-freaks, we’ve got you covered! TSHU now offers a variety of hankies, made from organic certified cotton or poplin. Soft and silky, our cotton is just thick and absorbent enough to form the perfect handkerchief—in single or double ply.

The Oh-So-Skinny Hanky

If you’re into tight pants or if your nose runs like a faulty faucet, single ply hankies are sure to please you. These more classic handkerchiefs are made from a single ply of fabric and are hemmed or rolled.

Super absorbent, thick handkerchiefs

’Cause we’re not fans of huuuuuuuge handkerchiefs (they remind us of our grandpa’s bedsheets), we’ve concocted a double ply hanky. Why is it so awesome? Well, because it’s the perfect size, but offers twice the absorbency. Many agree apparently, as they’ve become our most popular styles.


Washcloth Meets Hanky

For your little ones, we’ve created a must have for every day life: the mini-TSHU. Halfway between a handkerchief and a washcloth, this quaint little accessory boasts an adorable pattern in the front, printed on organic cotton poplin. This side is meant to serve as a handkerchief and is doubled up with unbleached, undyed bamboo fabric, with a towel-like texture, that you can wet to tackle even the stickiest of cheeks and hands.

Designer Handkerchiefs

Indeed, TSHU also carries a line of designer handkerchief! Born from a collaboration with Parisian designer Bleu Tango, these sublime hankies (Douglas and Jack come to mind…) are made with our famous cotton sateen and are doubled up with reclaimed fabric from Bleu Tango’s previous collections. So, what makes them so lovely? Lou’s breathtaking aquarelles… Take a look!

Mens Handkerchiefs

Gentlemen, looking for a smart-looking hanky? TSHU’s got a vast selection. We carry classics (like Elvis, in single ply), but also elegant and discreet hankies (like Nof, in single ply) and even thick, soft, sober handkerchiefs (like Samuel, in double ply). And for those who dare, we also carry bold, colourful hankies, such as Enzo, featuring a lovely Italian greyhound pattern.

Ladies’ Handkerchiefs

Ladies, we also have quite the collection to please. Discover our pretty handkerchiefs, such as Henri (two-ply) with its red polka dots. Moshe, with its bold colours and Vanessa—one of our faves and a sure bet to put a smile on your face.

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