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    Discovery Pack of Handkerchiefs

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The softest handkerchiefs out there

Whether you’re looking for a super thin hanky or a thick, comforting piece of cloth, I’ve created a variety of hankies with the absolute softest materials, including cotton lawn, cotton sateen, high quality poplin and plush flannel.

Pretty, patterned and ready to cover up everything you need

I’ve designed cotton handkerchiefs boast gorgeous patterns, to help cover up… Well, whatever you need to conceal! Polka dots, stripes, checkers and everything in between… Allow yourself to dream of a hanky that makes nose-blowing a pleasant experience.

Less is more

If you like plain handkerchiefs, you’ll be served as my timeless collection features a great variety of plain hankies made with super soft, high-quality materials.

Some are certified Organic, of course…

Most of my beautiful hankies are made with certified organic fabric. Others feature other eco-friendly certifications. If this is important to you, you should find all the details in the product description! And if you still have questions? Simply write and ask 🙂 

From small to extra-large

With time, I’ve come to offer 4 cool sizes of handkerchiefs:

  • Small (20 × 20 cm)
  • Standard (28 × 28 cm)
  • Large (34 × 34 cm)
  • Extra-Large (40 × 40 cm)

Oh-So-Skinny Hankies

If you’re into tight pants or if your nose runs like a faulty faucet, single ply hankies are sure to please you. These more classic handkerchiefs are made from a single ply of fabric and are finished with a classic fold or rolled hem.

Super absorbent, thick Handkerchiefs

So you can enjoy twice the absorbency (and dry fingers), I’ve designed two-ply hankies. These are made with two plies of fabric and are available in the same variety of sizes as my single ply handkerchiefs.

Washcloth Meets Hanky

A versatile accessory: my bamboo washcloth is halfway between a handkerchief and a washcloth. This quaint little accessory boasts an adorable pattern in the front, printed on organic cotton poplin. This side is meant to serve as a handkerchief and is doubled up with unbleached, undyed bamboo fabric, with a towel-like texture, that you can wet to tackle even the stickiest of cheeks and hands.

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