Personalized Handkerchiefs & Napkins

Discover TSHU’s growing selection of personalized handkerchiefs, including custom hankies – and soon – embroidered handkerchiefs and monogrammed handkerchiefs. Our collection will also soon feature wedding handkerchiefs. Stay tuned!

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  • white handkerchief

    JAMES – White Handkerchief (two-ply)

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  • monogrammed handkerchief

    EMBROIDERY OPTION – Monogrammed Handkerchief

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  • embroidered handkerchief

    EMBROIDERY OPTION – Embroidered Handkerchief with Name

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  • Two-ply custom handkerchief

    YOURS ONLY – Custom Handkerchief (two-ply)

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  • personalized handkerchiefs

    YOURS ONLY – Personalized Hanky (single ply)

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Showing all 5 results