Two-ply Handkerchiefs

Cyrano, sports buff, allergy sufferer? This collection is for you. Our famous two-ply handkerchiefs come in various styles, doubled up for more absorbency. Some are made with thick and absorbent cotton sateen (4.3 oz), while others are made with light and supple cotton lawn (2.3 oz). Some are even made with both (4.3 oz and 2.3 oz)! Opting for a two-ply hanky is always a smart betit’s like carrying an enoooormous handkerchief packaged neatly in a pocket-size TSHU. No more tissue paper disintegrating in your parka pocket. No more wondering if your tissue paper will be strong enough to assist your powerful nostrils. No more red rims around the nose. ‘Cause TSHUs are soft AND strong—the real deal.

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