Cotton Handkerchiefs

TSHU has a vast selection of cotton handkerchiefs – for a stylish yet useful wear. All our hankies are handmade with great attention to detail by our skilled seamstresses. We use only quality materials and our finely woven satiny cotton make soft, practical hankies that can be used for all your daily needs. Our cotton handkerchiefs boast unique designs that will dress up any outfit with an accessory that promotes local design and is environmentally friendly. You can therefore show others that your actions are helping change the world – with style!

Unlike silk handkerchiefs, cotton hankies are very easy to care for. Just toss them with your weekly load in the washing machine and dry flat. What’s more? Cotton is very absorbent and extremely soft. For all of you suffering from allergies, excessive sweating – or for you poor parents with children in daycare, getting more than their dose of seasonal flu – TSHU is perfect, comforting, and always in your pocket when you need it.

Although our cotton handkerchiefs are perfect for a practical wear – they also look fantastic as pocket squares! Indeed, men wear them in the breast pocket of their jacket – neatly folded or artistically rumpled to show off our unique patterns. Elegance and commitment can thus come together in a stylish fashion accessory – that can be pulled out to save the day.

The great thing about our cotton handkerchiefs is they also each have their little story. Bored at a business lunch? Pull our your hanky and strike up a conversation about Henri, Edith or Louise! We bet people will remember your spotted hanky and the reason the king of the mountain wears a spotted jersey during the Tour de France! Your guests will also remember that for each adopted TSHU, one tree is planted – making it a committed, useful accessory.