Embroidered Handkerchiefs

TSHU, the elegant, committed, embroidered handkerchief. All our handkerchiefs are embroidered by hand with great care! Indeed, all our styles have a neatly folded corner – thus a unique shape, which features our embroidered brand. TSHU is an emblem of elegance and commitment – so show off your TSHU proudly!

Entirely made in Montreal, all aspects of our production take place in ethical conditions. We even boast that our hankies are made with a smile. Using TSHU helps reduce your ecological footprint with style – and to reinforce this impact, we plant a tree for each adopted hanky.

But back to embroidery. Why do we embroider our hankies? First and foremost, with TSHU, we are making new with old, bringing back a traditional utility to life in a bolder, sexier accessory. Of course, we intend to make the hanky pretty, stylish and smooth enough to seduce people into carrying one with them at all times but – we have nothing against tradition – we actually love the vintage aspect of the handkerchief.

Don’t get us wrong, there was nothing appealing about your grandfather’s old embroidered handkerchief! Yet, the embroidered initials often found in the corner of old hankies made them personal, unique. This appealed to us and as it occurred to us that it is rare – not to say impossible to find beautiful, useful handkerchiefs, it is even harder to find branded ones. The tradition of embroidery on hankies thus became a way for us to make our name a reference in stylish, practical handkerchiefs.

So, all our hankies carry our embroidered logo on a neatly folded corner. Anyone can agree, that makes for an absolutely perfect gift! So what are you waiting for? Contact us to get your hands on your first stylish embroidered handkerchief – your first TSHU!