Ladies Handkerchiefs

So you think handkerchiefs are better suited for men? Sure, they look awesome in the breast pocket of their jackets and men do get away with blowing their noses enthusiastically in public. But, we assure you women cannot only pull of the hanky, they can rock it with style.

In fact, we can think of several fabulous ladies who swear by their hanky – whatever the utility they have for it. Let’s think of Pascale, who dabs her eyes as she watches her favorite series… Or Emmanuelle, who cleans up little Leo’s hands and cheeks after a snack on the way home from daycare. There’s also Marie-Claude, who loves being outdoors in the winter, cross-country skiing or jogging – and who was absolutely fed up with the damp mess of Kleenex in her parka! Now, Moshe never leaves her side and the double ply version of her favorite hanky is the perfect fix for her nose, at the mercy of the Canadian winter!

TSHU is also a ladies handkerchief and, it will take you as far as your imagination allows! All you have to do is adopt one and carry it on you. Become inseparable. And, next time you reach for a paper-tissue or towel, simply remember your handkerchief can do the same – or even better! Think of all the trees you’ll be saving… And to reinforce the impact of your new eco-friendly habits, we commit to planting a tree for every single one of your adopted TSHU.

So Ladies, are you ready to start changing the world, one handkerchief at a time? We sure hope so – and we’ll keep on delivering great quality hankies that are fashionable and durable so you can enjoy matching them with any outfit and hold on to them preciously for as long as you care to.