Mens Handkerchiefs

All our handkerchiefs make fabulous men’s handkerchiefs. Indeed, our eclectic hankies look great with any suit and tie – and dress up any outfit with a touch of color. They can be worn in a traditional manner – in the breast pocket of the jacket, neatly folded or simply stuffed artistically.

Although our men’s handkerchief make great fashion accessories, they are also quite useful! Pull out your handkerchief in any occasion and be sure to make a statement – for the environment, for local design, for style, or simply because there is a great story behind every TSHU, every adopted handkerchief.

For instance, the day Fred* was celebrant at a wedding and the emotional bride stood in front of her guests in tears, requesting a tissue. No luck, none of the guests had any, but Fred (who looked stunning with Henri neatly folded in the breast pocket of his jacket) took one glance around him and knew he had no choice but to unravel his practical, soft, absorbent pocket square. Needless to say our men’s handkerchief not only saved the day, Henri’s red polka dots made quite an impression!

We also remember the day Raphael pulled out Gilbert to mop up a coffee spill during a business meeting with clients. Not only did he bring a quick solution to the table by reaching for our double ply navy spotted handkerchief, but he did so in style – and brought home an amusing anecdote to tell Marie, the one who makes his eyes crease and twinkle with tenderness.

These are only two of many stories – two ways to use our men’s handkerchiefs that have been tested and proved useful – but there are many others. Whether you’re a young executive, a sports aficionado, a stylish dad, a simple man suffering from allergies, we bet TSHU is for you.

Now, are you convinced you can’t live without our fabulous men’s handkerchief? What if we added that we plant a tree for each adopted TSHU…

* read Fred’s story via our blog