Pocket Handkerchief

When we first thought up TSHU, our first goal was to make new with old and turn a traditional, unattractive object into a sexier, colorful fashion accessory. Our aim was first and foremost to encourage people to reduce their ecological footprint with style, by showing them that being responsible doesn’t need to be drab!

Hence was born Leonard, with its soft pink fabric and rocker skulls and bones. Moshe followed, with an array of eclectic geometric shapes, a reminder of great architecture in the season’s hottest colors. Another way for us to innovate was to offer these great styles in single (SOLO) AND double-ply (DUO) handkerchiefs.

We started talking to our friends and family about our dream: to change the world, one TSHU at a time. And some questions kept on coming back: how do you wear the hankies? What do you use them for?

The pocket handkerchief. Worn in the breast pocket of his jacket, in the back pocket of her skinny jean. Thrown in a diaper bag, neatly folded in the computer bag. Stored carefully in Casey, to keep it clean. Artistically folded as a pocket square. Often in a pocket, always a handkerchief. Beautiful, but useful.

Why useful? Because we bet next time you reach for paper tissue or a napkin, next time you wipe your nose on your sleeve, next time the sweat tickles your eyes or you spill your coffee, you’ll wish you had a pocket handkerchief to pull out!

No matter how you choose to wear or use yours, we’re pretty certain that simply carrying one in your pocket will encourage you to change your habits. And we’re also quite confident that a change of habits will lead to an impact on your consumption of paper tissues.

So here are our answers. We bet you can come up with many more!

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Showing all 6 results