Red Spotted Handkerchief

Polka dots never go out of style. Ever. And, they look fabulous with pretty much anything! That’s why we knew that we couldn’t go wrong with Henri and Gilbert.

Henri was named after Henri Desgranges, father of the Tour de France. This man decided that not only the leader should be congratulated, the “king of the mountains” should be rewarded as well. Nowadays, the king of the mountain wears the distinctive red polka dot jersey; another demonstration that elegance can be fought for. Wondering how to vamp up your dark suits? Add a touch of colour with this red spotted handkerchief! Casually folded in the breast pocket of your jacket or artistically rumpled to make a pocket square, you won’t go unnoticed!

Our red spotted handkerchief comes in two different versions, for a variety of different uses. SOLO is a single ply, finely woven cotton hanky. Quite thin and supple, it works perfectly as a fashion accessory that can turn into a practical hanky if need be. DUO is a two-ply red spotted hanky doubled with white fabric. It’s exactly what you need for cross country skiing in the cold or even biking in the heat. It’s also great to wipe your baby’s cheeks or the coffee in your moustache. It’s fantastic to carry your sandwich home or mop up a spill. In short, it’s fantastic and we’re convinced that simply having one on you will have a positive impact on our planet. Why? Because every time you’re tempted to reach for a paper tissue or napkin, you’ll remember your red spotted handkerchief and call Henri to the rescue.

Your actions will thus help reduce your ecological footprint. And you can show it proudly! Make a statement with your elegant and committed handkerchief. Because when you adopt TSHU, we commit to planting one tree. Every time.