Silk Handkerchiefs

Although most of our hankerchief are made of cotton, our Sunday Series, for special occasions feature a Silk handkerchief.

For this luxurious line of handkerchiefs, we have invited talented designers to create a TSHU with us. A high-end handkerchief for Sundays. For our very first Sunday Hanky, we worked with the very talented Quebec designer Leinad Beaudet, to
deliver a luxurious handkerchief with a practical side. The result? An exquisite mix of Cotton Lawn, silk and lace for a distinctive, noble look.

This dandy handkerchief is destined for special occasions. Designed by Quebec rising star Leinad Beaudet for TSHU, our very first Sunday handkerchief features ivory cotton lawn, doubled with pure white silk. The lace is delicately sown onto the folded corner, for a chic, elegant look.

Handmade with care in Montréal, this handkerchief boasts a unique shape and a soft, silky finish for a great product that allies style and usefulness. As all our styles, this handkerchief exudes elegance and commitment. In fact, for each hankie sold, TSHU will plant one tree.

This fashionable yet practical accessory is destined for both men and women, and can be worn in the suit pocket or neatly stored away in our practical case for transport and hygiene.

As useful as it is stylish, this handkerchief is a must-have for all special occasion. For instance, Nith is the perfect handkerchief to dry your tears at a wedding, to smoothly pull out to dab spilled champagne, or give his outfit a special edge by using it as a pocket square.

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    LOU – Silk Handkerchief (two-ply)

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